5 Reasons Why You Should Stop Using your Website

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There are times when owning a website doesn’t do you any good. Your strategy, method and online behavior may make it justifiable enough for you to stop using your website. There are many millions of websites that are consisted of a few dull dead static pages, with very few or no visitors. Website owners may pay a good deal of money to establish an online presence, but unfortunately it gives them very little return.

On the other hand, ignoring the importance Internet is very risky as you’ll be bypassed by your competitors. Confused? Read these five reasons:

You have a poorly designed site: Eyes are often the most trusted sense. So if your site is improperly written, badly colored and full of inessential elements, people may think that you run a chaotic business. Excessive flash animations, cliparts and run-time errors are classic website mistake that can still happen in the 2nd decade of 2011

You have an outdated site: If you put obsolete information on your website, visitors or clients might not trust your knowledge. Millions of websites are competing to deliver fresh information and they’re updated daily, if not hourly. Internet users won’t tolerate stale content and if they find outdated information on your site, it’s likely they choose your competitors instead.

You ignore your email: If you don’t pay attention to your emails, then your potential clients may think that you have the same manner in the real business world. Managing your emails is a basic daily routine. You may not be able to replay to an email immediately, but at least you should be able to provide a meaningful reply in less than 48 hours. A prolonged delay may mean that your competitor will get an upper hand in reaching potential clients.

You don’t care about search engine optimization: Many smaller businesses reach significant success only by investing some time and money on search engine ranking. You may have allocated a significant amount of money to develop an attractive and informative website, while allocating a few staffs to handle the emails. However, if your site is ranked in 10th page for the primary keywords on major search engines, then you’re losing money. For many businesses, being visible in the Internet is important for survival and search engines are the key. However, you shouldn’t ignore other promotional methods such as article marketing, newsletter, forums, e-books, e-zines and PPC advertising.

You fail to include essential information: If you fail to provide adequate information such as complete contact and postal address, or the products description and price list then you’re not doing your best to capture visitors’ interest. Lack of pricing information means less buying decision on the spot. Visitors consider many parameters when buying a product and price is often the most important one. It would be far better to include an intuitive shopping cart and online credit-card processing systems, in addition to a good security system.

Website is essential for your business. But there are a number of checkpoints you should follow when running a website. They could mean a difference between a useless website and a very successful one. In fact, some businesses are fully converting their brick-and-mortar operation into an online operation. If you’re deciding to run a successful online business, you should consider that failing to set a good strategy means the lost of reputation, energy, time and money, both on your real-word and online business. If you’re still reluctant to make improvements to your site, better stop using your website right now!

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