5 Things You Need to Know Before Choosing Career of Graphic Playing Card Designer

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If you are a graphic designer who enjoys card games and thinks graphic playing card designing is the profession etched out just for you, think again. It is not all as simple as it seems. There are things about playing cards that you need to know.

The gamers are different from players of card games but when you are a graphic designer of cards, you must be capable of satisfying both. Here are some things you should take time to understand first:

Need to Understand Playing Cards

People in different parts of India enjoy playing cards. If you want to become a playing card designer, you should be familiar with the existing deck of cards. It will help you take up the designing activities more seriously when you are well acquainted with the existing pack of cards. Try also to read a bit about the deck of cards and how they evolved over different timeframes to get their present look and feel.

Need to Be Creative

While the deck of cards has remained unchanged for many decades, the expectations of gamers from playing card designers is much more. When they look for designs of graphic playing cards, they hope to see something that is not same as all cards. You need to be creative and willing to add your own personal touches to the card. A little research to understand the choices of players will help greatly.

Need to Be Willing to Innovate

Back when the card games originated, each card represented a real person. As time passed, the meaning of each card failed to reach the users and relevance of each design was completely forgotten. However, even today, true historians seek the cards with their original designs because they hold historical significance.

When you design a graphic playing card, include designs that hold relevance to the present state of affairs. You may include certain relevant issues symbolically to create an impact. It is up to you to innovate and convey the message to reach out to the larger audience.

Need to Understand the Players

Different players have different choices when it comes to cards. You need to take time and identify what most people would like as a proper graphic card design. Once you are sure the design is well liked, you can display it on the website to draw the attention of buyers.

Need to Think Out of the Box

It is not always possible to think like the player. These are occasions when you need to think out of the box. You need to come up with unique ways to find out what the viewers and players actually like when it comes to card designs. You may use surveys or quizzes to get an idea. This often works effectively and people tell you willingly what they like and what they do not. You may then make designs accordingly.

Lifeline Rescue Tip- Allow the Players to Design

As a good designer, what you want most is that your playing card design should sell. A good way to make this happen is to allow the players to create their own designs. You may provide them with multiple design options and symbols options. You may also provide frames and card formats where they can fit in their choices. Your work will only be to give it the final finish. Since a rummy games player has designed it himself, he will never have complaints about the design either.


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