7 Tips of Creating Text Logos For Website

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Text logo is essential for delivering earliest information to first-time visitors, about the goal and aim of your site. Many websites prefer to use text-based logos as they are typically easy to understand. Web designers can surely express their imagination and creativity while making the text logo readable and clear.

Designers can choose between many typography fonts for the text logo. However, aside from the type of font, they should also consider how the text logo should be positioned. Spacing is also essential to achieve high readability and these are other tips to follow:

1. Use Proper Font Size

Designers should see to it that they will be using only font sizes that ensure the best readability. The text logo should stand out than the rest of the website text. Try an 18 point font or bigger and you should check it on various web browsers. It may appear quite large on a web browser, but smaller on others.

2. Use Enough Spacing

Spacing is essential in creating a highly readable text logo. Designers should allocate enough spacing if the logo is consisted of two lines of text. It is a good idea to choose a font and style that provide enough space between letters. It’s not recommended to choose a font style with letters that touch one another. Letters with inadequate separation may cause slight confusion among first visitors. When working with text logo, designers can either leave a lot of space blank or make use of all the space around the logo. When it comes to spaces, it is acceptable to work on extremes, including using larger text. Clever use of space can help to effectively relay the message contained in the text logo to visitors.

3. Choose the Right Color

Colors are vital in web design and they also affect text readability. The background shouldn’t drown your text logo and if possible, use contrasting colors for the text and the background to improve readability. In some cases, designers can use colored outline to make the text logo more readable.

4. Don’t Overdo It

Some designers use too many font styles and typefaces combinations. It is quite easy to overdo text logo and makes it less readable. Complex text logos can be heavy to the eyes and simplicity often wins new audience. Designers can still be artistic with the text logo, but the font style should always be simple. Decorative and stylistic types can be more difficult to read for some people.

5. Match the Text Logo with the Website Theme

Each website has unique theme and make sure the text logo can effectively represent that. Consider messages you want visitors to get and make sure everything looks coherent.

6. Use Bold Font

Bold font can highlight your text logo and this could be a significant advantage in your part. However, you don’t have to make the entire text logo bold; use this to give emphasis only to specific area. Using bold can make your text logo stands out from the rest of the website.

7. Consider using Type Hierarchy

If your logo is consisted of multiple lines of text, it’s recommended to use type hierarchy to define degree of importance. Of course, all parts of your text logo are essential, but you need to make sure that visitors see it properly.

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