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What is Amazon cloud hosting? You’re probably already familiar with the term cloud hosting. This is a hosting service in which you rent multiple servers in a virtual server environment known as “the cloud”. You will use server resources such as bandwidth, traffic, memory, processing power, disk space, etc., only as you need them. It is very similar with the electricity grid, if you want; you only pay what you use. Now, Amazon is one of the very first companies to offer cloud hosting services for their customers. But, what are they offering exactly? This article will explain the basics of the Amazon cloud hosting service.

On-demand Service

Most hosting companies will ask a fixed monthly fee for the server hardware that you intend to rent from them. Amazon will offer you flexible cost options that will be based on the actual usage of the server resources that you plan to rent. So, for instance, if your website is consuming less bandwidth this month in comparison with what it has used in the previous month, then you will pay less money for the service that you are using.

Cost-Saving Hosting Solution

Rather than renting a server that you won’t utilize at its maximum capacity, you will be able to save money if you use the Amazon cloud hosting service. Why? That’s because Amazon offers a flexible, cheaper billing system which ensures that you only pay for what you are using. This explains why Amazon’s cloud hosting can be an inexpensive solution for small business owners interested in hosting their websites.

Maximum Security

Your website will be hosted using a virtual server cloud which will have an IP address specified set by you. This simple option will significantly increase the security of your website’s data. This is a big issue for many business owners, who want to make sure that the security of their data cannot be compromised in any way. So, cloud hosting can be the right solution for many entrepreneurs, helping them ensure that they get the maximum security they need.

Maximum Flexibility

Amazon cloud hosting is designed for flexibility. This means that you can choose what to use with your own cloud server. You can choose your operating system (Windows or Linux), CPU, memory, storage, and any boot partition size that you prefer. You will be able to choose all the settings that you prefer the first time you use this service. This way, if you did your research properly, you will only pay for what you actually need. There will be nothing to be wasted in your hosting investment.

Elastic Cloud Hosting

You can change your hosting capacity almost instantly. You don’t need to wait for hours or days for the configuration to be changed on your server. In fact, you can change the capacity of your server whenever you need it and see the changes become effective within only a few minutes. It’s the perfect way of balancing performance and costs.

Fully-Controlled Hosting

Amazon will give you full access (root access) for each of your virtual server instances. This means that you can do any modification to the system according to your needs. Best of all, you can control your server configuration regardless of your location, because you will be given a web API that lets you have server root access via your web browser, using any computer in the world.

Amazon cloud hosting service is currently one of the best cloud hosting service providers out there. In fact, with its competitive cost and great performance, it may be one of the best choices for the entrepreneurs who are willing to take their online business to the next level.

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