Benefits Of Using Gmail Android App

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Android is a popular operating system used by millions on their smartphones. Well, one of the best reasons for using Android is Gmail; and so be it. The Gmail App proves to be an intuitive way of managing emails.

It is available anywhere and anytime. Android makes it virtually impossible to lose your mails accidently. Thanks to its lightning speed functioning service that is available on smartphones just like on your PCs! There are numerous benefits of using the Gmail Android App and here are a few mentioned below.

Benefits Of Using Gmail Android App

The Benefits

  • Gmail has bumped up with its latest version 4.2.2 welcoming many useful features like swipe to delete and even a long pinch to zoom. The new features of Gmail app on Android allow managing incoming messages. Use login to get into Gmail that actually helps marking the most important messages with yellow colours. A thin arrow indicates that you have been Cc’d on it.

Yet again, a single fat arrow means that you have received messages as a part of group. Now, do not send messages to the trash, instead click on the Archive button to remove a chunk of messages from the inbox. In case, you have been Cc’d on one of those email threads that just will not disappear, use the ‘Mute’ tool that will mute all future conversations to it.

  • The Labels option in Gmail is equivalent to folders. You can Label your emails categorically. Fine tune your settings for all the individual Labels. Yet again, you can turn the notifications on and off as per each Label. You can tab control in case you get notification for the new mails or in case you want notifications for every message that you receive.
  • With Gmail app on Android, you can go for advanced search. Android lets you search by means of recipients, sender, attachment, importance, starring, starring and so on.
  • In the menu, you can find two attachment options- videos and pictures. In Google Play you see attachment apps that enable to attach other file types.
  • Suppose you accidentally archive, delete, send message, then in that case you may create a confirmation pop-up. You can now clear all prior email searches or hide pictures in messages or bodies. Check the box next to ‘Auto-fit messages’ that will help concise our emails to fit them completely in the windows so that you can zoom in and out.
  • Auto-advance is a time saving feature. In case, you want to zip through the new messages then enable the ‘Newer’ setting. Alternatively, you can jump to the older messages by selecting ‘Older’ option or you may select the ‘conversation list’.
  • As a beginner you should be able to keep grasp on the ins and outs of Gmail. Remember, ‘Turn Gmail Sync On’ serves as a shortcut to the Android System Settings. You are going to observe a revolution with ‘Days of mail to sync’ that will help actually change the emails will be synced.

Thus, with login on Android OS, you have access to a number of options and features that can change the emailing and its managing options.

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