• How to Develop Your Blogger Outreach Strategy

    Posted on March 7, 2016 by

    Blogger outreach has become hugely popular as a means for businesses to reach a wider audience and promote themselves. With so many internet users trusting the advice and the information on their favourite blog sites, this is definitely a strategy that you should be implementing if you want to increase the number of visitors that head to your website and purchase your products or services. read more

  • The Top 7 Tips for Becoming an SEO Master Using Excel

    Posted on December 21, 2015 by

    Whether you’re an aspiring SEO specialist, or a webmaster trying to optimize your own site for better rankings, there’s no avoiding the fact that managing a well-rounded SEO campaign can be a particularly tedious job. This is made worse if you’re not equipped with the right tools and resources. read more

  • Is Responsive Website Design A Necessity For The Modern Site?

    Posted on August 24, 2015 by

    Responsive website design is something that became a necessity in the modern business environment but most company owners do not actually understand much about it. read more

  • Benefits Of Using Gmail Android App

    Posted on May 18, 2015 by

    Android is a popular operating system used by millions on their smartphones. Well, one of the best reasons for using Android is Gmail; and so be it. The Gmail App proves to be an intuitive way of managing emails. read more

  • What is Responsive Web Design?

    Posted on March 31, 2015 by

    As the variety of devices being used to access the web increases, the need for web designs that can adapt to various screen sizes becomes more relevant. Infact, Google has also started to consider the Responsiveness of a website as a Search ranking factor according to a report. Do check the following interesting infograhic: read more

  • Converting Video to DVD using Movavi Video Converter Software

    Posted on February 19, 2015 by

    If you watch movies a lot then it is likely that you’ll want to save your movies in DVDs and then play them on your DVD player connected to your TV. You will also feel the need to convert Video to DVD if you want to free up some memory space on your hard drive. read more

  • Using Google Drive in the Workplace – is it all it’s Cracked up to be?

    Posted on February 11, 2015 by

    Many businesses are using Google Drive as a collaboration program, allowing them to manage files and share them with colleagues. Some companies only use Google Drive every now and again, working on larger projects or managing documents. Other SMEs will use Google Drive on a day to day basis in the place of Microsoft Word or Excel documents. But could it really help your business?
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  • What is Web Hosting?

    Posted on December 10, 2014 by

    Are you a newbie in the world of web hosting? Then good news for you. The Hosting Awards has put together the following infographic which answers some very basic questions one may ask before purchasing Web hosting. It also discusses briefly which type of hosting one may choose:
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  • : The Perfect Hosting Solutions Partner!

    Posted on October 14, 2014 by

    Company Overview: was started with a mission of providing fast, reliable and simple web hosting solutions at affordable prices. Till date, MilesWeb has done well in terms of catering to the ever growing online business needs. MilesWeb offers with a wide range of hosting platforms like domain name hosting, shared hosting, VPS hosting, reseller hosting, dedicated server hosting, eCommerce hosting, CMS hosting etc. read more

  • Building a Website: Top Options, Whatever your Requirements

    Posted on January 31, 2014 by

    If you’re a business owner, whether you’re freelance, run a small business, or own something a little larger, making your business accessible online can generate further sales and improve your client base. Advertising your business on the web can help your exposure enormously, increasing the number of potential clients and customers that may use your service in the future.

    Of course, venturing online requires a lot of thought and research, before you even start to generate sales and custom. You need to have a functional website at the helm of your business; one that appeals to potential customers and search engines alike. It may seem like an overwhelming journey, particularly if you have no idea of where to start, but once your website is up and running, you’ll be glad you made the effort.

    Here are some ways in which you can create a website for business or personal use, dependant on your budget, time and individual requirements.

    Use a Website Builder 

    These fantastic online web editors can help you to create a website with ease, using drag-and-drop methods which can sometimes take merely minutes to use. Sites such as Web Eden can provide this service for free, or a monthly cost, depending on how many sites you require, while templates are available so that you don’t have to delve into the code yourself.

    Use a CMS

    Content Management Systems, such as WordPress, are a fabulous option if you wish to create a powerful website with minimal understanding. Many of them are completely free to use, as well as open source, with the availability of widgets, add-ons and themes to help create your ideal website. It’s a little more complicated to use than website builders, but not beyond the realms of capability.

    Hire a Professional

    If you have the budget to do such a thing, hiring the expertise of a qualified developer or designer to create both the front-end (the website that the user sees) and the back-end (such as the ecommerce aspects) can be a great avenue to take. Their services can cost substantially, but if you want something that is as perfect as it can be, it may be the way to go.

    Learn to Code

    This is an option, albeit a time-consuming one. It can be incredibly difficult to understand, particularly if you have had no experience whatsoever, but if you have dabbled in code (e.g. HTML, CSS, PHP and JavaScript) before, and you have the time to commit to it, it can be extremely rewarding, in the end.

    If you want a website that is quick, easy and free, opt for a website builder – it’s the simplest way of creating a website that will fit your requirements, in no time at all.