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  • Building a Website: Top Options, Whatever your Requirements

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    If you’re a business owner, whether you’re freelance, run a small business, or own something a little larger, making your business accessible online can generate further sales and improve your client base. Advertising your business on the web can help your exposure enormously, increasing the number of potential clients and customers that may use your service in the future.

    Of course, venturing online requires a lot of thought and research, before you even start to generate sales and custom. You need to have a functional website at the helm of your business; one that appeals to potential customers and search engines alike. It may seem like an overwhelming journey, particularly if you have no idea of where to start, but once your website is up and running, you’ll be glad you made the effort.

    Here are some ways in which you can create a website for business or personal use, dependant on your budget, time and individual requirements.

    Use a Website Builder 

    These fantastic online web editors can help you to create a website with ease, using drag-and-drop methods which can sometimes take merely minutes to use. Sites such as Web Eden can provide this service for free, or a monthly cost, depending on how many sites you require, while templates are available so that you don’t have to delve into the code yourself.

    Use a CMS

    Content Management Systems, such as WordPress, are a fabulous option if you wish to create a powerful website with minimal understanding. Many of them are completely free to use, as well as open source, with the availability of widgets, add-ons and themes to help create your ideal website. It’s a little more complicated to use than website builders, but not beyond the realms of capability.

    Hire a Professional

    If you have the budget to do such a thing, hiring the expertise of a qualified developer or designer to create both the front-end (the website that the user sees) and the back-end (such as the ecommerce aspects) can be a great avenue to take. Their services can cost substantially, but if you want something that is as perfect as it can be, it may be the way to go.

    Learn to Code

    This is an option, albeit a time-consuming one. It can be incredibly difficult to understand, particularly if you have had no experience whatsoever, but if you have dabbled in code (e.g. HTML, CSS, PHP and JavaScript) before, and you have the time to commit to it, it can be extremely rewarding, in the end.

    If you want a website that is quick, easy and free, opt for a website builder – it’s the simplest way of creating a website that will fit your requirements, in no time at all.

  • Registrars and Web Hosting Companies

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    In the early days of the internet, building a website took a lot of time, and a lot of money. But these days, with millions of hosting companies and hundreds of ICANN-certified domain registrars, launching an online business or even a personal blog only takes a few clicks, a couple of bucks, and as little as a couple of hours. Follow along to find out how you can set up your own website:
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  • Important Things of HomeHost

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    If you pay attention to the development of the technologies, you will realize the big difference between the old days and modern days. People in the old days had the troubles of communication. They have to see each other to communicate with the others. For example, if they made the appointment, they should wait for the person in a certain place. They also communicated with the help of the letters. They sent letters for each other with the long distance relationships. However, the old days were good enough to communicate. read more

  • Working in the Cloud During the 2013 Holiday Season

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    As a business offering online products and services, you must stand ready to ensure the optimal performance of your eCommerce site, especially during potentially volatile peaks, notably during the holiday season. You’ll need to have effective scaling measures in place in order to your serve customers quickly, responsibly and efficiently around the clock. The holidays often signal long-awaited eCommerce product launches and serve as an opportunity for short-fuse promotions, timed to take advantage of the spikes accompanying holiday shopping. Taking a cloud-based strategy can help you focus on business tasks and let the cloud experts handle your IT concerns.

    Planning for Holiday Sales

    According to KISSmetrics,  40 percent of customers will abandon an eCommerce website if it takes more than three seconds to load: a short but decisive time for your site to deliver or be rejected and lose a sale. The amount of retail business being conducted online is steadily growing each year, so eCommerce retailers need to be prepared with well-designed, immediate solutions to cover expected and unexpected traffic spikes.

    Cloud-based eCommerce

    It’s key that you coordinate your cloud-based holiday season sales plans with your hosting provider. Coordination between you and your hosting provider will be the basis for successful planning and increased online sales. Are you running social media campaigns that will cause holiday traffic to your site to soar? Are you planning eagerly awaited product launches? Your cloud infrastructure needs to be analyzed to ensure it can handle the traffic that will follow.

    Online merchants often see their tech infrastructure as a “set it and forget it”’ part of their online business. This is true of merchants who use an outsourced provider, whether it be for a WordPress hosting service or a cutting-edge eCommerce business. Taking the time to confer with your cloud service can be a good first step in getting your holiday strategy underway.

    High Availability for the Holidays

    Those discussions of holiday sales preparations with your cloud hosting provider should center around high availability (HA). Such preparations are designed to keep online marketplaces up and running despite system malfunctions and failures. HA is a proven methodology based on eliminating potential points of failure.

    Redundant infrastructure is at the core of HA. Your hosted server provider must offer multiple network connections and power supplies, and dual mirrored hard drives lest one of them fails. Of course, your data server itself poses a critical failure risk. If it crashes, so do your online holiday sales and a multiserver configuration will be needed for optimal redundancy.

    Within an HA environment, your hosting provider will typically deploy double firewalls with dual Internet connections. Peak load holiday traffic can be seamlessly channeled to multiple web servers and replicated databases via redundant load balancers. Properly configured, HA architecture eliminates all potential failure points that could jeopardize an online store.

    Coupled with secure, reliable data backup, an HA-based multiserver strategy will lessen your cloud-based hosting risks, keep your eCommerce flowing, and give your holiday customers an online shopping experience that will bring them back to your site throughout the year.


  • Three Things to Look For in a PHP Web Host

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    Virtually all complex web applications today are built with PHP. When searching for a PHP host to support your next site, you can simplify the task ahead of you by organizing your priorities and focusing on the most important features. While virtually every hosting company now offers PHP services, this doesn’t mean that they are all equally suited for PHP applications. The ideal PHP host will offer security, speed and support at a cost-effective price point.

    Choosing a PHP Web Host Based on Security

    Security is one of the primary things you should look at for any type of host, especially if you will be collecting client information or creating an ecommerce site. A single data breach could cost your company significant amounts of money and permanently damage your reputation. When using PHP, you will be more vulnerable to certain forms of attack. A properly secured PHP host will help protect you against these risks.

    Question each Web hosting company about their security measures. A secure web hosting provider should have updated firewalls, antivirus, intrusion detection systems and denial of service protection applications. If a hosting provider cannot offer a detailed explanation about their security measures, it’s likely they aren’t as secure as they could be.

    Choosing a PHP Web Host Based on Speed

    As a server-side language, PHP can be quite processor intensive. When choosing a host for a PHP website you should find one that can offer you the system resources you need. There are tools that prospective customers can use to test out the speed of individual web hosts or to find out who is hosting specific websites.

    You also need to keep your hosting plan in mind. Shared hosting will usually be slower than a virtual private server or dedicated server, and it’s not always possible to predict how fast your website will run on a shared hosting plan because of the shared resources inherent to the system.

    Choosing a PHP Web Host Based on Support

    Reliable support is incredibly important for those that want to create a PHP site. There may be times when you need to troubleshoot something that has gone wrong, simply need processing, need bandwidth caps removed or need limits increased. The ability to quickly reach customer service may be the difference in your website being down for a few minutes or a few hours.

    Test out customer service before your purchase by contacting them and observing their response times. At the same time, note whether they address your questions directly or whether you need to contact them multiple times to get simple answers.

    When deciding on your PHP hosting plan, it’s important to remember that cheaper doesn’t always mean better. There are multitudes of cheap PHP hosts available that will ultimately fail to offer your website the services and resources that it requires to function. Choosing a cheap PHP host may seem easy initially, but eventually it will likely hold you and your company back from growth. There are hundreds if not thousands of PHP hosts available, but having clear requirements from the beginning will help you compare each host on its own merits and simplify your decision-making process.


  • The Sooner the Better: Why You Should Claim Your Business Domain Name Now

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    It might seem early in the game, but in order to reach as many customers as possible, you should buy an online domain name now rather than later so you can claim it before anyone else is able to register to use it. It may seem like it’s too early to invest in a domain name if you are in the early process of creating your business plan, but it is better to include a domain and online presence in the plan than not at all. If you decide to register an online domain name later after you have established your business, it could be too late if someone has already taken the name or other substitutions you had in mind.

    A Business Man Claims his Business Domain - Shutterstock

    A Business Man Claims his Business Domain - Shutterstock

    The importance of owning a domain name

    The single most important reason of owning a domain name is the basic fact that it gives your business recognition and credibility. Today in the 21st century, having an online website is a must, no argument whatsoever. If you are searching for other businesses or services to advertise on your website or sponsor an event, a promising domain name will help grab their attention as a website they should contact.

    If customers are interested in your business and want to learn more about what you do and what you can offer them, they can just go online to check it out if they do not have time otherwise to go to your business. A business’ website also includes basic, but necessary contact information such as an email address and phone number to get into contact with that business. If you don’t have a good online presence, you could lose potential customers.

    You may not be ready to use your domain name quite yet whether it’s because you don’t have the funding or right knowledge to maintain it. But the sooner you register and claim a domain name, the better chance you have of protecting your brand name and you can plan your online marketing plan with the name you select.

    How to claim a domain name

    When you claim a domain name, you should try to select an available name that is the name of your business or directly reflects what your business and website is about. Like your business’ name, it should be unique and easy to remember. If it’s very generic, then you might want to consider changing your business’ name in the first place. It should also be short, easy to spell (with no weird spelling alternatives that are not found in a dictionary), and SEO-friendly. If your first choice or even top five names have already been taken, don’t give up hope and do a brainstorming sessions to come up with some more ideas.

    After you have chosen a domain name, select a service that offers cheap domain registration. Some registration fees are between $10 and $35, but there are some select sites that offer much less than $10! Even if you are not entirely sure about the domain name you have chosen, registering a name that fits well with your business is better than none at all. Consider even registering a couple if you are able to afford it until you decide upon the domain you want for your business.

    Reselling extra domain names

    If you have registered several different domain names and you have finally found the perfect one for your business (congrats!), you may be thinking about reselling the extra domains. But depending the length, words, and ending of the domain name, you can sell it at a high price or low price:

    High-priced domains contain:

    • Simple and single words
    • Common words
    • Popular and trending words
    • Ends in .com, .org, .net, or .in

    Low-priced domains:

    • Multiple words or phrases
    • End in .info
    • Hyphenated words

    When you begin or edit your business plan, make sure you include obtaining a domain name on your list of things to do. The sooner you acquire potential domain names now, the easier it will be to build your business’ presence online and market your products or services accordingly.

  • Getting Hold of the Ideal Web Hosting that Helps Your Business Thrive

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    Web hosting is basically a service that aids in storing the content and files of your website so that they are accessible to you at any time and from any place. The main feature that a web hosting service should possess is keeping your website safe from hackers other than being quick and dependable.


    Types of Web Hosting

    Web hosting can be divided broadly into two types namely:

    1. Dedicated hosting – In this category, a whole computer serves a single website helping in storing all the contents as well as the files present in that website.
    2. Shared hosting – The same server is shared by more than one website owner. This is especially favored by small business entrepreneurs and also blog sites.

    Though there are free hosting options present, these will not be the right choice for a website that is commercial in nature as the free hosting always comes with its own advertising feature. Paid hosting sites are mostly preferred and further they can be availed at discounted rates with the help of coupon codes that are available online.

    Choosing the Right Service

    To ensure that the service you choose is ideal for your purpose, you need to ascertain the following points:

    • The hosting services should be reliable. Choosing the service based on the reviews posted online is a good option that gives better results.
    • Support service offered is another important thing you should verify before hiring a particular provider. The reviews give a good idea on the type of service offered. A 24/7 support is the most preferred support mode by all users.
    • The characteristic features of the service which include the tools and other related features should be appropriate for your business. Main factors like the storage and bandwidth need to be checked properly.

    Precautionary Measures

    Before signing up with a service, you need to check the support by ensuring that the technical department responds immediately. Details like the guarantee, domain availability, and the important features should be verified thoroughly.  With cheap plans that offer high bandwidth or storage, you will find more websites present in a server. Some providers also offer coupon codes that get you good deals on the services. Instead of looking at the plan, going over the experience, track record, and reviews will help in selecting the right service.

    Security Concerns

    One of the most important factors you need to consider while hiring a web hosting service is the security they provide. The security is important for:

    • Protecting the online identity
    • Preventing identity theft
    • Safe transmission of information

    When a hosting service is completely secure, you can be protected from unscrupulous persons and hackers who are out to steal your confidential information.

    For better protection and service, a dedicated hosting is the preferred choice, especially for large organizations. When selecting a dedicated server, you need to look at factors like the provision for administrative services as the service will need a separate administrator if it is not part of the service you availed. Monthly payment modes are more preferred over yearly payments because when you are not satisfied with the service, you can shift to a new one rather than be saddled with the current service all year long.

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    David Taylor lets you know several hosting solutions that are present online to take care of your online venture. For better deals and offers, you can visit

  • Buying Web Hosting Plans – Get Everything In Budget With The Help Of Promo Codes!

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    To have a website online needs you to buy a good web hosting plan online. Web hosting plan is a wholesome package which gives you the domain name, the web space in GB, spam guard, data transfer compatibility and basically everything that you would be needing in hosting your website. In order, to get the desired traffic on to your website, it is very important to have a good web host which gives you a good domain name to make your website accessible.

    Buying web hosting plans without any discount could be expensive

    Buying services from a good web host is not often easy. It is quiet an expensive affair as these service come at a high price. The best way of approaching a good web host is by availing promo code. These promo codes could give you good discounts on the service of your chosen web host as and when needed. The promo code bar is often displayed on all the websites of the merchants. You need to fill in the product code to check out the current discounts being given on the product of your choice.

    People love shopping online for the benefits like these which they get can always avail before buying the needed stuff. People these days are well aware of all these promotional activities done by the companies. In fact, nobody skips these promotional offers online ever. As it is the expenses of living have multiplied many folds making it difficult to shop whenever we desire. So, we need to take into account these promotional offers every now and then.

    Promo coupons are available on the website with details

    You would be surprised to know that almost all companies under all brands have promotional offer schemes. You just need to skim through their websites and all the details are mentioned there for your convenience. Sometimes, it so happens that you get a brand new service or product for hardly any price under the promotional schemes. A lot of people have been lucky to have saved a huge amount on a brand new latest product. Generally, you get a good amount of savings on all products while availing the discount coupons. These promo codes make you a returning customer to that merchant’s website which in turn promotes his business well. So, this is how it works and both the merchant and the customer get benefited out of it.

  • Risks Involved in Shared Hosting

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    Web sharing helps us get our online presence out in the world. It makes us visible to the everyday man by just a click of a button. But, web sharing also has its risks especially if shared. Using shared web hosting, though cheap initially, might end up costing you more than you ever imagined or wanted.

    There are a lot of safety hazards of using shared web hosting. As compared to VPS hosting or dedicated hosting, shared hosting is much more risky and dangerous for your business. There are many reasons that bring us to this conclusion and none of which should be taken lightly when deciding what kind of hosting to choose.

    • Security issues:

    The most basic risk and most important is that shared hosting is not secure enough. Some are better than others; most of them have locks, but only a few have alarms, even fewer have actual security personnel. Though shared servers come with pre-configured anti-virus, anti-spyware and firewall software, you have no authority regarding which suites the provider utilizes. Meaning, you are stuck with whatever they think is best for you.

    • Hacking:

    Due to sharing of servers, you are more susceptible to hacking. Hackers are easily able to access your website data and important information with just a bit of encroaching. This leaves you in worse problems than you could’ve imagined.

    • Identity Concealment:

    Web hosting does not conceal your identity. Who you are as a company and more importantly who you are on the server is open for all to see. This gives hackers a pretty good idea who they are attacking. It helps them choose their targets easily and with a lot of thought put into it.

    • Easy Detection:

    Due to shared web hosting, your activities and business moves are easily detected. This is another way for hackers to target you and hack into your system.

    • Breach of confidentiality:

    Businesses that take online orders and work with their clients online have to make sure that all their clients’ information and data is secure and private. Using shared hosting can make it easier for hackers to breach this confidentiality and use all that information to their benefits.

    • SQL Injection:

    SQL injection is a technique wherein a hacker injects malicious SQL code into a query already embedded into your website. This gives you errors and makes you susceptible to more attacks and information leakage.

    • Illegal Activities:

    Due to shared hosting you can be party to illegal activities without even knowing it. If another site on the shared server contains illegal files or engages in some sort of illegal activity, and one of the major search engines discovers this, every site on the server, including your own, will be penalized. It seems capricious and arbitrary, and perhaps it is, but these are the rules of web hosting.

    • Server Crash:

    Shared hosting can be a real problem as it puts you at risk every single day. A hitch in one of the websites can bring the whole server down. If another client on the server you share catches some sort of virus, you can rest assured that your site will also catch it.

    Shared hosting is kind of like having a large group of housemates. You don’t trust everyone and even if you do, you can never be sure about the people they bring in to visit etc. Sharing makes it easier for anyone to break in and/or take whatever they fancy without anyone realizing in time. So, when choosing shared hosting, go for good reviews and reputation. Make sure to ask about security measures etc. or better yet just go for VPS hosting etc.

    About the Author: Selena is a blogger and has a  keen interest in Web Hosting and Domain related topics. She also has a website called I Love Promo Codes where she offers Godaddy Web Hosting Promo Codes.