Top 10 cPanel Hosting Companies

What is cPanel Hosting?

For many novice website owners, choosing the right cPanel hosting can be a big decision to make. They should consider many things before paying for the service. Some hosting companies may have expensive hosting plans but offer excellent 24/7 customer service, while others offer dirt cheap plans, but can’t even provide reliable customer service at workdays. There are a few issues to consider before choosing the right cPanel hosting for your website. What about the servers? Are they updated, fast and reliable? For beginners, this could be a little confusing, but after performing all serious decision-making process, a good cPanel hosting can prove to be both powerful and easy to use. Your goals should be the first consideration, for example, you should know about the available storage space and the overall cost. If you’re going to set up a WordPress blog and a few email accounts, then you may not need a dedicated server.

There are many good cPanel hosting companies out there that can help you balance the quality and price. CPanel allows easy file management; however, the benefit of this feature may be reduced if the hosting company refuses to allow you to transfer large files. If so, you may need to choose a slightly expensive web host with better options. Make sure the cPanel hosting is well updated and comes with Fantastico, a web script installer. This allows you to install WordPress and Joomla, two most popular content management systems, in minutes without any programming skill required. Check Wikipedia, for the latest stable version of cPanel, Fantastico, WordPress and/or Joomla and make sure the hosting company uses the latest version.

CPanel offers a very intuitive interface and offers on-screen helps, if you have some problems. By using cPanel, hosting companies can streamline the customer service department, as users can manage their sites easily using a powerful control panel. The Getting Started Wizard may help users with minimal or no knowledge in website management.
CPanel is also a secure platform, which protects users with layered password-protection features. CPanel allows multiple users and as an admin, you can automatically disable their access. The hotlink and IP Address DDoS protection features are also welcome additions.

For business owners, cPanel provides basic server software, the Web Host Manager (WHM). It automates server management tasks, which would be helpful for any novice admin. Again, cPanel is all about simplicity at work. You only need to fill a few fields and click the ‘create’ button and the new account is created in seconds. Again, the WHM’s Getting Started Wizard is a feature that is preferred by those with minimal skills in server management.

WHM also has a self-monitoring feature that can help admins by detecting and restarting a malfunctioning service automatically. WHM is being continuously updated to meet developments and demands in hosting industry. WHM’s security center is equipped with multiple protection features such as virus detection, rootkit protection and others that can make the server more secure.

DNS clustering service is a relatively new addition to cPanel, which helps to improve the performance and makes the system management even more hassle-free. It is likely that during busiest days, administrators need to monitor multiple WHM servers while working with the details of the website. The DNS clustering system can send notification to the admins’ cell phone, email and IM about server problems. This feature will benefit administrators who travel a lot and often work with the servers remotely; in fact, cPanel and WHM can be managed entirely on smartphone. Consequently, before choosing a cPanel hosting you should thoroughly understand all the important features of cPanel and make sure the hosting can provide them reliably.

Amazing features of cPanel Hosting and why use it?

cPanel hosting is a special type of hosting that gives you access to an organized control panel full of tools and scripts that help to make your job as a webmaster easier. There are a number of advantages to using the features that cPanel hosting provides. However, there aren’t many disadvantages to using this type of website host because most of the extra features are completely optional and do not have to be used. In what follows, we’re going to show you a number of the important features available with cPanel hosting and how you can use them to your advantage.

One of the reasons that cPanel hosting appeals to so many people is that it requires a lower level of technical knowledge than traditional hosting plans. Using your control panel, you can upload files with just a few mouse clicks. You can also create SQL databases using simple forms instead of having to learn a lot of special syntax. If you want to access your website’s statistics, the figures are only a couple of clicks away. With such a streamlined interface, people who only know the basics of how to work with computers can work on a website and be successful at it.

On the other hand, people who do know a lot about web hosting still enjoy using cPanel hosting because it saves them time. For example, many people like to use content management systems like WordPress or phpBB to operate their websites because they work well and are easy to use. While installing these content management systems can take half an hour or more if done manually, installing them through your cPanel only takes a minute or two. These content management systems are usually found under the Fantastico section of your cPanel, and there are a lot more to choose from.

Everyone likes having a single workspace that includes all of your tools and documents. Unfortunately, if you use traditional hosting, you have to be at your computer or carry a laptop around with you to achieve this. With cPanel hosting, however, you can connect from any computer that has an Internet connection and manage your website. Since all of your tools will be accessible using the cPanel, you’ll never find yourself wishing you were at your regular computer if something comes up and you need to work on your website. With all of these features at your fingertips, you’ll have whatever you need wherever you go just by logging into your cPanel.

How to Choose cPanel Hosting

cPanel is an essential feature of all web hosting plans. It allows you to manage your website content without any external help. If you have selected the right control panel for your website, you can easily manage your website without any technical help. One of the best control panels of all times is cPanel.

If you have been looking for the best method and tips to select cPanel hosting, read on.

1. Avoid Hasty Decisions: Usually, webmasters are in a hurry to select a hosting provider and often neglect important hosting features in their haste. One of the most neglected hosting features is a control panel. This is because people do not think it is an important feature. However, since the control panel is the major interface in maintaining and managing a website, it is important for webmasters to select one that is the most user-friendly, especially if they are unskilled.

2. Conduct a Research: While looking for hosting plans, also research for cPanel hosting and the best control panel available to webmasters. Check out the benefits and disadvantages of each and weigh all options. Once done, select the one you think is best suited to your needs.

3. Keep your Budget Aside: One of the most essential factors to consider is to keep aside your budget. If you select a hosting plan based on your budget only, you might not get the right kind of features. Select the plan which comes with the best features no matter what the cost. This is because if you select a low cost plan and the features and functionality is not satisfactory, you might need to change the hosting plan or get extra help from someone else. With the additional trouble, the low cost will eventually not seem to be much of a benefit. Therefore, it is best to pay higher price initially to get the best cPanel hosting and avoid troubles and problems later on. Bear in mind that good services and options always come at higher prices.

4. Reviews and Reputation: Online reviews are useful in determining the reputation of a hosting provider. However, make sure you get genuine online customer reviews. There are many promotional reviews as well which can mislead you. These reviews will tell you what to expect from a cPanel hosting provider. Also, all companies have good and bad reviews; the number of good and bad reviews matters. If bad reviews are much greater than good reviews, do not opt for such a hosting provider. Also, check out hosting forums for the reputation of the cPanel hosting company. Forums are the best places to find genuine reviews.

5. Support: Customer support is imperative while looking for cPanel hosting. See if the support is accessible via live chat or not. The more accessibility options the hosting provider offers, the better it is for the client. Also, make sure the support is accessible round the clock. Sometimes, it is also best to check out the response time of the support.

The above mentioned cPanel hosting tips will allow you to make use of the best methodology in choosing cPanel hosting.