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Bringing over 10 years of web hosting experience into the cloud hosting arena, DigitalOcean is a breath of fresh air in the cloud hosting industry. The company focuses on delivering the most easy-to-use virtual private servers available to its customers. Their servers, which they call droplets, are easy to set up—getting a server up and running takes no more than a minute, and maintenance is just as simple. Customers can manage, scale, and backup their servers with one click. Although the company works to ensure that their services are as straightforward as possible and their the infrastructure has a 99.99% guaranteed uptime, these features do not come at a higher cost—in fact, DigitalOcean’s hosting plans start at a very affordable $5 a month. For that amount, DigitalOcean offers a virtual server with 20GB of disk space, 256MB of memory, and unlimited bandwidth.

The industry knowledge that the staff of DigitalOcean brings to the table definitely does not go to waste! Their servers and system are designed to provide a great all-around user experience. Beginning with the server control panel, the DigitalOcean site is focused on allowing the user to accomplish their tasks quickly. Creating, resizing, and rebuilding a server takes only a click. DigitalOcean lets users focus on server content instead of server maintenance by offering automatic backups nightly backups, server snapshots, and easy web console access (to protect against accidental lockouts).

In addition to optimizing user experience, DigitalOcean shows their commitment to their customers by providing the most efficient technology. They have data center located in New Jersey and Amsterdam to reduce latency and increase availability for as many customers as possible. And they have plans to expand further in the future.

Since customers’ needs are unique, DigitalOcean focuses on providing a wide variety of options to provide each user with the most suitable arrangement. Looking for a small, affordable server to host a personal website? Spin up one of their “smaller” droplets (smaller being relative, considering the cheapest plan offers 20GB of disk space). One minute later, a virtual private server is available for use with unlimited bandwidth. A company requiring something with a little more oomph can choose from DigitalOcean’s offerings of a dedicated 12GB or 16 GB server or even a Solid State Drive based server.

Whether the customer pays more or less, requires a lot of power on their virtual server or a little, DigitalOcean has created a system that provides some of the best cloud technology quickly and easily. And they offer free unlimited bandwidth on all their droplets.

Cloud hosting is getting popular not only because of its convenience but also because of just how flexible it really it. DigitalOcean takes full advantage of this by offering pricing plans that start at $0.007 an hour. Spinning up a droplet can take less than a single penny and over the course of a month add up to at most $5. Customers only get billed for the hours they use, so the monthly estimates displayed on the site can sometimes still be higher than the actual total cost.

Nevertheless, as a user’s requirements grow, the pricing stays highly competitive. One of the strongest servers available—with 4GB of memory, 4 Cores, and 160GB Disk Space Virtual Server— costs no more than $0.12 an hour or $80 a month. In the meantime, there is a variety of pricing options in between.

Since many people like to try before they buy, DigitalOcean offers a free trial. Site visitors can check out just how easy it is to set up a powerful and inexpensive virtual private server.

Support & Uptime:
Of course, a cloud server is more than a user friendly control panel or an affordable hosting option, it is a way to serve your content to the world. DigitalOcean brings over 10 years of hosting experience to the table to offer the some of the most seamless and dependable infrastructure available. DigitalOcean’s uptime is 99.99%. They accomplish this by using 10 gig-E links to providers, DELL hardware, and only the most trusted and secure data centers.

Additionally, DigitalOcean works to not only offer stellar hardware and control panels, but to also build a developer community. A question and answer section on the site allows visitors to post any technical question and receive an answer from one the of the expert staff in less than 24 hours and a growing collection of articles makes building a strong server a breeze.

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