Top 10 Drupal Hosting Companies

Drupal Hosting

Drupal hosting is intended to provide the best support for Drupal-powered websites. Drupal is a popular open source system among many online entrepreneurs and webmasters, as it allows them to create powerful and versatile websites. When used properly, it is quite possible to come up with a winning combination of Drupal and your products in any kind of business endeavors.

Drupal is based heavily on PHP and it is an effective CMS (content management system). From major corporate websites to tiny personal blogs, Drupal can become the back-end systems for many types of websites. Those who need an uninterrupted online presence should choose a reliable Drupal hosting.
Just like other CMSs, Drupal also offers key features, such as administration menus, RSS feeds, multiple accounts system, forums and of course, blogging platform. Creating an interactive community website and customizing the layout is easy. By choosing a reliable Drupal hosting, your visitors can participate in communities and forums any time. Drupal also allows the installation of third party plugins that add new behaviors and features. Third party developers can help you to enhance productivity and customize user experience. Because of its sophisticated basis, it isn’t necessary to become a master programmer to install and manage a Drupal-based website.

However, despite its significant benefits, it’s impossible to achieve online success without a good Drupal hosting. Although Drupal runs on various platforms, you should make sure that the hosting service supports PHP and popular web server platform such as Apache, IIS, Lighttpd or nginx. CMS is a database-driven platform; consequently, your hosting plan should include a database system, such as MySQL or PostgreSQL to store your content and settings. Unfortunately, for some users, the configuration of Drupal technology is more difficult than WordPress and Joomla. Consequently, it becomes imperative to choose a web hosting plan that includes specialized tech support. It is preferable if the web hosting provider employs an expert that can handle Drupal configuration and customization at least, at a moderate level.

These are basic requirements that you need from a Drupal hosting, but it is still possible to further enhance the potentials of a Drupal-based website. In the Internet world, Drupal is a relatively new platform; even so many basic hosting plans can already support Drupal properly. Although some web hosts offer unlimited space, you should check other details. For example the monthly data transfer allowance can be so low, you need to purchase more allowance in just two weeks. You may also choose a web host that offers regular backup.

Your requirements should be based on the number of page views you may get in a months. You should review each web hosting plan and make sure you get the best offering for the price. It is a good idea to start small when you first build a Drupal-based website as you can transfer to a better plan, when your requirements are higher. This way you can avoid spending money on unused resources. With Drupal, it’s very easy to create an interactive website and manage contents without the help of web programmers and designers.