Email Hosting

Email Hosting

Just like standard websites, email services also need hosts and the activities of establishing and managing email servers are called email hosting. Purchasing an email hosting plan is a good way to assert your online presence because you can use both your name and domain name in the email address. Companies that offer such of online service are called email hosting providers.

It is easy to argue that you can easily get an email address with the domain name by using only cPanel. Today, many organizations and businesses prefer secure, dedicated email hosting over standard cPanel-based email, because they can get many more features. These are reasons why you need a dedicated email hosting instead:

Secure Webmail Access: Email hosting providers usually employ 128-bit industry-standard encryption that remains active throughout the sessions. It means, all information sent and received is heavily encrypted from the moment a session begins and until the user signs out. It is reliable and robust security technique that is obviously too difficult to crack.

Secure POP and IMAP Access: Latest versions of popular mail clients such as Apple Mail, Mozilla Thunderbird, Microsoft Outlook and others support these security standards. They also work on mobile platforms, such as iOS and Android.

More storage space: When the email service is integrated into the existing web hosting, it is very likely that the email accounts and the website share the same storage space. Email messages can consume plenty of space, for example if you regularly receive large files, such as blueprints and marketing materials. With dedicated email hosting, it is possible to get gigabytes of space at an affordable price.

Shared address book: Popular email clients offer you the ability to store data for easy retrieval in the future. However, this useful feature is often unavailable in web-based email application. With email hosting, shared address book can be accessed everywhere, simply by using web browser on any platform.

Virus and spam filtering: If you install a reliable antivirus system, potentially harmful codes can be blocked before they reach your inbox. Also many people receive hundreds of junk mail that can paralyze their daily productivity if not filtered and removed quickly by anti-spam system. If your email hosting is genuinely reliable, you’ll only get real messages and they’ll also be free from viruses. Advanced filtering system allows you to set multiple rules, so instead of blacklisting certain messages, you can grey list and automatically put them into a special folder for further evaluation

For some organizations, email hosting is indispensable, especially if they need to create hundreds of email accounts that require plenty of processing power and storage. Email hosting providers can also give you technical supports that are optimized for email hosting, something that you may not get from a regular web host. It is advisable to perform research and compare plans before you choose email plans offered by email hosting providers. Electronic mail is now fully integrated in our lifestyle and it can overcome most communication barriers. If you have a large organization, it is necessary to include email hosting as one of your priorities to help you communicate properly with people inside and outside the organizations.