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Serif - Inspiring Creativity

Web design has changed faces and it has become very important to ensure that one uses the best fonts so as to ensure their site is very attractive and appealing. In the past the main practice was the use of sans-serif as the best font for the large texts and the serif fonts were mainly used when it comes to the smaller texts.

Essential factors to keep in mind when using the sans-serif fonts.

  • Sans-serif fonts befit all sizes.
  • More modern and business like.
  • Appear neat.
  • The serif font becomes unreadable as the size reduces.
  • Serif fonts appear clumsy on a Window.
  • The Sans-serif fonts are appealing in the presence of windows or not.

San-serif fonts are highly recommended for viewing and even Google, Yahoo and Microsoft make use of these fonts.

The san-serifs appear very appealing when utilized on a web site page and the serif fonts are also attractive options when used well. The web designer requires some tact and experiencing when making use of the serif fonts unlike the san serifs which are much easier to use.

Advantages of utilizing a serif font:

  • It is uncommonly used and thus can give the page a refreshing appearance.
  • The stand out and leave a lasting impression.
  • They offer a wide variety for the designer as they come in different shapes and designs.
  • Color comes about stronger though this arguable and will vary with different people.


What to avoid when designing with serif fonts:

  • Serif fonts look horrible with windows and would require ClearType to be turned of and majority of the users do not have this.
  • As Serif fonts get smaller they become unreadable.
  • The serif fonts can make the eye strain.
  • The serif fonts are very informal and do not provide the reader with that business feel.

Note that the limitations of Serif Fonts can be tackled like for instance the internet explorer 7 has an inbuilt ClearType and therefore one does not have to have the Clear Type to get the perfect view. Similarly the text size is irrelevant as the web designer can simply choose the size that will be visible to all.

Design is evolving

Serif fonts can be utilized and more designers should adopt this practice and not shy away as the shortcomings can be overcome with ease. Generally the serif fonts appear attractive and thus can be a good option for creative web designers who are looking out to explore more. It is surprising that the use of serif fonts is becoming increasingly common as the web designers have been able to work around the shortcomings. The web page needs to look good so as to attract and if the serif fonts can do the job then they are recommended.

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