Frontpage Hosting

Frontpage Hosting can help you create a website from scratch. FrontPage is an excellent WYSIWYG software that allows you to directly see the impacts of your changes. It is easy to appreciate the ease of navigation and simplicity offered by this program. With the features provided, you can easily customize the website. Changes can be made within seconds and you’ll have a good idea what you need to do. However, to make your website visible to the public, it is necessary to find a reliable web host. Fortunately, many hosting providers support FrontPage well.

Choosing a FronPage hosting is sometimes difficult, due to the sheer number of providers available today. To make things easier, you should know what to look for. You’d want to get a hosting provider whose services are consistent, since it is a very important sign of reliability. Never trust a hosting company that can’t maintain their service 24/7. Additionally, you should evaluate the customer service quality by calling the tech support before you choose the web host. It is also necessary to read reviews and get referrals from people who have enough experience in this field.

One significant benefit of FrontPage is its WYSIWYG (what you see is what you get) capability and if you don’t know anything about HTML programming, you should still be comfortable with this software, Although, HTML is relatively simple compared to standard web programming, sometimes it can still confuse people who don’t know anything about scripting or programming. If you don’t have time to learn HTML and at least, are comfortable with consumer-level software, such as Microsoft Word, FrontPage is a good choice.  If you don’t need to use complex features in your website, you should look no further.

The wizard tool in Frontpage can guide you to quickly create a simple webpage. You can also access some useful tools, such as search tool that can help users to find certain information in your website with little effort. The web counter tool allows you to track the number of visitors in real time. These are other features of FrontPage:

Dynamic Web Template: It can help you to quickly toggle view between Design View and Code View. Beginners should stick with the Design View, as they can modify the webpage directly and visually. The Code View helps you to make more detailed changes, such as adding a short PHP code.

Interactive buttons: These intuitive buttons helps you to quickly add hyperlinks and images and make other changes. If you are familiar with Windows-based software, you can quickly understand how to use those buttons.
Intellisense: It is a code auto-completion feature that can reduce the development time.

You should be aware that Microsoft Frontpage is discontinued since 2003 and Microsoft has replaced it with Microsoft Expression Web and SharePoint. Even so, many basic hosting plans still retain support for FrontPage. You may continue using FrontPage, if you value its ease of use and only wants to incorporate texts and images in a website with simple structure. The latest version is the FrontPage 2003 and it is available as a component of the Microsoft Office 2003.