How may Google Instant Actually Kill SEO

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You must know what Google instant is before continuing. It is a new searching tool created by Google, which is now very popular and it has been used in every single Google search. You may remove this feature by yourself, if you go to settings page and uncheck the box. This tools uses software which will be helpful and assisting you to find what the user is searching for, even before entire sentences is typed in the tab. It is absolutely new and useful.

Is it good for SEO to target only partial words?

Google Instant is calling results only when partial words are typed in and because of that many people wonder whether the SEO must target only partial words. However, this practice will not work, hopefully. Google Instant calls result by partial words, this is true but what is going to suggest you is based on popular searches and queries

Then How is it possible Google Instant to hurt SEO

For some SEO it is really helpful and for some others it will be their nightmare, but this depends on the keywords called “long tail”. This is one of the most important impact factors of every SEO keyword. SEO tries to rank all the keywords. For example if you use a phrase like “lose weight free”, search engine will try to rank the phrase. There is a great competition going on at the moment. It does not matter how many hours you work, trying to get better ranking for your keyword, you may still get beaten by some mature sites who targets exact same area.

How everything started with Long tail

You want to understand what a long tail is – it is a longer key phrase. It is much more specific and it attracts lower traffic. Following the same example as mentioned before, this would sound like” lose weight for free and in absolutely natural way”.

How the Long tail cooperates with Google Instant

Now, when people type the phrase, they get immediately a result, which is in real time. You will get the most popular phrase. So, you must understand that the future customer must have the phrase “lose weight for free and in absolutely natural way” already in his mind, when he begins working. There is the following problem that he may find what he is looking for, even before he or she has finished typing. The sites that will pop up first are the more famous sites. This will cause other sites which are fighting for traffic to increase their productivity in order to appear on the market as winners.

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