How to Improve Your Online Business with Simple Web Design?

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The landing pages of many e-commerce sites are now heavily loaded with too much details and information. The reasoning is quite simple, web owners want to cram as much as information as possible, so first-time visitors will be more compelled to buy something. Unfortunately, Internet users are developing into a finicky bunch. They are increasingly impatient while browsing and shopping online. They are more likely to find a product using search engine rather than browsing a site for too long. So if users can’t find something easily in your site, they will be gone quickly.

It’s important to use a simple web design that allows users to find relevant information quickly in your site, especially if you’re selling a product or service. If your landing page is cluttered with widgets, useless text and other unrelated items, your site can become meaningless.

Unfortunately, right now many online entrepreneurs use the “scatter shot” approach to improve the chance of selling something. Instead of introducing only the primary product, they may clutter the landing page with dozens of other products, diluting the focus on the primary product.

There is one cardinal rule of e-commerce: Online buyers choose the Internet because they want to avoid too much hassle. Instead of hopping to the car and get trapped in a slow moving traffic on their way to a store, they go to popular online stores to buy things that they want with just a few clicks., for example, is able to provide just enough information for potential buyers, using simplicity and elegance in a completely pleasing manner. There is definitely nothing wrong with offering plenty of information, as long as you don’t overwhelm your first time visitors. Don’t add unneeded information and distracting ads.

There are a number of effective methods that won’t scare potential customers away with clutters.

  • * Give them only what they want: The most important characteristic of a simple and elegant web design is to show what is necessary for both the site owner and the visitor, nothing more. uses only a few texts, but can still deliver a wealth of information by cleverly combining images and texts.
  • * Reduce the amount of clicks needed: Less clicks mean less work. The fewer clicks it takes to perform a transaction, the higher your sales will be. Don’t make your customers jump through many hoops to purchase a single product. Although doesn’t sell its product directly, you can find product information easily with very few clicks.
  • * Use less columns: The more columns you use, the smaller the available spaces will be. By using too much columns, you may de-emphasize your main product. uses a large column that can help to make its products the focus of the landing page.
  • * Use less options: You shouldn’t give an added stress to web shoppers when they’re trying to make a buying decision. It is important to display products and services in a way that reduces the thinking process and simplify the buying process. The product pages in only show information that can help to make buying decision easier to do.
  • * Keep it clean: Your website design should make and keep your customers happy. You should have a clean and pleasing design, which can attract visitors to your site. is famous for its aesthetically clean design, both on its operating systems interface and website design.

Remember that often you have only a few seconds to keep a potential customer to stay in your site. Your site may have a unique design or layout, but you can do more with less by following these principles:

  • Weigh every word in the landing page
  • Remove unneeded elements
  • Use whitespace and tasteful colors
  • Limit the information in the landing page

Many online shoppers are fickle bunch and tend to “window shop” before buying a product. Search engine is like a gigantic shopping mall, and if visitors don’t like the look of your store, they will move on. You have only a very limited time window to attract a prospective buyer to enter your online store. A clutter-free, tasteful design can successfully place the focus on primary products and allow shoppers to quickly find what they want.

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