How to Select the Perfect Co-Location Data Center for your business?

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For some, there is nothing more important than being connected in this high tech era. As an end-user you cannot imagine your life without the internet, and as a business owner you can’t afford to survive in this competitive marketing without being remotely connected to your potential target market. One of the most talked about services that offer 100% uptime and high availability to the businesses is Co-Location Data Center, which is quite different from traditional Shared Hosting or Dedicated servers. It has its own pros and cons, but many businesses are now relying on this new technology because of the cost-effectiveness and efficiency it has to offer. This article will discuss what Co-Location Data Center is and how you can select the best data center for your business?

First off, let’s start with what Co-Location Data Center really is and who needs it? Co-Location Data Centers have gained utmost importance for the businesses as they guarantee 100% uptime in a very cost-effective manner. Co-Location actually means that the data center is co-inhabited and several businesses use the same infrastructure for their data center needs. These Co-Location Data Centers provide real peace of mind, less stress and cost effectiveness to the businesses. The main reason for businesses to choose the Co-Location Data Centers is their cost effectiveness, because when you share a data center with others the overall maintenance and security costs is divided among all of them, which reduces the cost for all. Unlike an on-site data center, where you have to pay for maintenance, staff and everything.

So What To Look For?

While selecting the best Co-Location Data Center for your business keep the following features in mind so that you get the best deal possible for your data center needs.

  • 24/7 customer service
  • Both physical and software security
  • Environment that offers climate control
  • Data Security
  • Human monitoring
  • Backup Power options

Climate control is perhaps the most important features that should be taken care of with utmost importance. Fire protection in a data center is much different than the fire protection we use in homes. Also the physical security should be taken care of, ensure that there is some sort of a PIN, or a biometric system which restricts unauthorized persons to enter the data center premises. You should definitely prefer a Co-Location Data Center which has a dedicated person at the site all the time, who is experienced, trained and responsible to tackle any problem that may occur in data center at any point of time.

Then comes the power-supply, it is equally as important, I would recommend going for Co-Location Data Center that has on-site generators and don’t depend on utility companies to run the data center operations.

Colocation Data Centers definitely has some edge and you should opt for it, but it is equally important to find the best company to ensure that your time and money is not wasted in an un-reliable Data center service, do a proper research both online and offline about the data center company before making your final decision.

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