Improving Business Services Delivery With A Bulk SMS Gateway

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In today’s business environment, leveraging technology to lower costs and increase profits is a routine practice, one that we do so often we may rush right by one of the newest tech innovations without a second’s glance. That would be a mistake because this one just might the key to huge market gains if implemented with some forethought.

The SMS gateway has been around for a while, at least long enough to know that it works. Put simply, this is a website that allows users to send SMS messages from a browser to a mobile number within the cell area served by that gateway. An SMS gateway may also serve as an international gateway for users with roaming capability while traveling. The SMS gateways serve as a telecommunications link between the various wireless providers who (as we are all so well aware) use different proprietary communication protocols, translating these protocols so they “talk” to each other. In this way, an SMS text message may be sent from a PC, laptop, or tablet directly to a mobile device – point-to-point – and actually be delivered. The Bulk SMS gateway allows the sending of mass text messages.

From a business perspective there are many advantages to using an SMS gateway with the company Website or webhosting service. Let’s look at it from the perspective of communicating with the customer first:

• A Bulk SMS gateway allows the Marketing and Advertising Department to send out mass text messages to the entire customer database. These text messages are much less expensive than phone calls. They are quick and not as intrusive as emails. They can be used to strengthen customer loyalty and to drive traffic to the company’s website. They can be used to notify customers in the “Loyalty Program” of Special Sales, Coupons, Bargains, etc.

• SMS messages can be written and be ready to be sent and then be set up to be sent on later dates. This is great for marketing and advertising campaigns.

• It is easy to bring up the database and then just insert the name and phone numbers of individual customers using SMS messaging. This saves staff time.

• We can also select which mobile numbers to send SMS messages to which allows us to target certain customers for certain focused marketing campaigns.

• The Billing Department can use SMS messaging to collect overdue payments or to send out billing reminders. Huge savings in paper billing. SMS messaging can also be used as appointment reminders to help reduce no-shows or improve other important business practices.

• SMS messaging can be used to confirm sales or business transactions. Instead of customers having to carry around a stack of paper receipts, they can simply receive a text message the next time they purchase something from your company.

• An SMS text message can be sent to notify a customer of account details, changes, delivery dates, or other important information which can contribute directly to customer satisfaction.

• SMS capability also allows customers to directly query the company with a question or concern and to get the answer back directly on their mobile device. This is a very nice feature which customers really appreciate.

An SMS gateway also allows direct SMS messaging communication with corporate staff as well.

• SMS messaging maintains communication with company staff and colleagues who are in the field, out of the country, or wherever they may be.

• SMS messaging is much less expensive than phone calls for communicating between staff for short messages and for passing short bits of information.

• Text messages are much less time consuming than phone calls and people are forced to be brief when communicating by text message.

• SMS text messaging can go out to all members of the company staff at once and whoever sent the text message can be notified if the message was received and read. This keeps a record.

• Communicating via text message is not as intrusive as phone calls and this can be important if one or both of the staff members are in important meetings.

• SMS messaging retains a fully documented, auditable transcription of each message, with management’s full control and supervision.

• It is easier to manage costs with SMS messaging.

• SMS messaging can even be done from telecommuting locations which can contribute to staff quality of life and job satisfaction.

These are the best reasons for using an SMS gateway with a company’s web hosting. SMS gateways offer convenience and ease of message delivery for a good price. The additional ability to deliver SMS messages internationally can increase a company’s ability to compete in a global market. Companies such as Fortytwo Telecom deliver Bulk SMS Gateway innovative technology for an extremely competitive price.

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