Is Responsive Website Design A Necessity For The Modern Site?

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Responsive website design is something that became a necessity in the modern business environment but most company owners do not actually understand much about it.

To keep things short, responsive web design means that the website will modify its appearance automatically for an optimum viewing on absolutely all the screen sizes. Sites end up looking great on desktop PCs, iPods, smartphones, tablets, laptops and kindles. Sometimes this design type is referred to as RWD, adaptive website design and fluid design. No matter how you call it, if the site does not offer responsive design, navigation will be really hard on smaller screens.

What Devices People Use To Make Online Purchases?

Just a few years ago, desktop sales were obviously dominating online purchases. This is no longer the case. Nowadays, mobiles sales surpassed desktop sales in most industries. If you take a look at digital media education resources, mobile web use is expected to drastically overtake the use of desktop PCs by 2020. For many sites, this landmark was already passed.

Statistics have been made in order to realize what the future will be like in terms of sales. It was shown that 60% of internet users are much more inclined to make a purchase from a site that is optimized for mobile devices.

The Influence On SEO

One thing that some people do not understand is that mobile web design now has a huge impact on SEO. All site owners know that search engine optimization is crucial for the success of a website. Google is leading the way in terms of ranking standards. The company already highlighted the fact that it values responsive website design over everything else. That is normal since such a design basically means that the site is viewed perfectly on all devices, thus guaranteeing proper viewing and access to content.

Modern SEO is all about high quality content. This is no longer in relation only to the text that is present on a site. Nowadays, site visitors spend less time on a site. With this in mind, the quality of the design of a page and how attractive it is can bring in extra seconds spent looking at the content. That is crucial.

If the site does not look great, time spent on site is automatically decreased. Search engines see this as a sign of low quality. Nowadays, website loading time and visitor time spent on site are two factors that are highly important in search engine optimization.


The bottom line is that we cannot have any other conclusion except that responsive website design is a true necessity for the modern website. We have to use it since this is something that will make or break the success of a company. Never hurry when you choose the website design company that you want to hire. Work with those that have a high experience in responsive website design and that know everything about the technology that should be used at the moment. Anything else would lead towards problems that you do not want to deal with.

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