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Over the past few years, most hosting companies decided to drop disk space and bandwidth limits due to technological progress and decreasing costs, yet they may have overlooked that most customers do not aim to engage in large scale web projects. Thus, Lunarpages managed to address said customer needs by providing smaller plans adequate for any small or medium sized business while being able to offer said service for a lower price than their competitors. In fact, hosting packages start at just $4.95 a month and are a real bargain considering that all features one might need to create a professional website are already included. Of course, if one’s website keeps expanding, clients are welcome to switch to a more comprehensive plan allowing for unlimited traffic!


Providing customers with no less than 5 GB of disk space and 50 GB of traffic, Lunarpages’ entry level plan is certainly more than enough for most users. After all even professional online shops rarely exceed said figures, making further space and bandwidth primarily an advertisement tool rather than an actual advantage. However, in the unlikely case that the aforementioned package is not enough, customers are obviously welcome to upgrade their plan at anytime! Featuring PHP, Perl, Python, Ruby and SSI support, passionate web developers will experience no restrictions to their creativity as far as the usage of different web oriented programming languages is concerned. Similarly, clients receive one MySQL database for advanced projects and can access their homepage through any standard FTP client. Moreover, a total of five email accounts are included which can be accessed either through POP3 or webmail. Likewise, said email addresses feature all basic functions one might need down the stretch, auto-responders as well as efficient spam filters. While evidently not everyone planning to set up a homepage has the vast technical knowledge required to deal with PHP, SQL databases and the likes, Lunarpages also comes features an easy to use control panel including a variety of free scripts and plugins. More precisely, it takes no more than a few simple clicks to set up a WordPress blog or SMF forum. Additionally, image galleries, polls, faq builders, newsletter creation tools as well as wikis are included. However, those who are looking to use a more advanced way to manage their page content have the opportunity to use efficient CMS such as Drupal or Joomla. In this context it should also be noted that Lunarpages features a wide range of e-commerce tools making it easy to get started in the field of online marketing. In fact, customers do not only receive shopping cart system addons, but can also rely on shared SSL certificates, PGP encryption and password protected directories. Last but not least, no compromises are made when it comes to the support of multimedia files, thus clients are welcome to include Shockwave, Flash, Silverlight and RealAudio plugins.


Despite containing everything that one needs to build a rock solid webpage, Lunarpages does charge significantly less than most competitors. For just $4.95 customers receive a great web developing environment that allows one to get started right away without spending a lot of money. Moreover, Lunarpages’ product range does not stop there as one cannot only go for more comprehensive, and thus slightly more expensive, plans, but may also opt to sign up for a VPS hosting package or even rent a dedicated server if dealing with a bigger project. Either way, you are bound to find something that matches your needs for a very reasonable price!

Support & Uptime

Fortunately, Lunarpages’  hosting packages do not only provide one with all the things necessary to properly realize web projects of any size, but the company has shown over the past years that one does not have to fear costly outages down the stretch. Guaranteeing 99.9% uptime, there is no doubt that Lunarpages is one of the premier hosting companies when it comes to reliability and service. Servers are not only backed up on a regular basis but are also monitored around the clock and protected against DDOS attacks. Customers are welcome contact Lunarpages’ support staff 24 hours a day by e-mail or phone to assure potential problems are being dealt with right away.


Lunarpages is a world leader in website hosting, known for dependability, redundancy, and affordability
  • 5GB disk space and 50GB bandwidth
  • $700 Free Bonuses
  • Unlimited Sub-domains & Parked Domains
  • Award winning customer service
  • 99.9% uptime guarantee
  • State of the art Data Center
  • Three Months Unlimited Desktop Backup from Keepit!
  • 30 day money back guarantee

Lunarpages also serves customers with free ad credits from Google, MyAds and Facebook with supporting SEM/SEO services to help you get your site marketed and listed in major search engines.

Price: $4.95/mon. Visit for details.



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