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Company Overview: was started with a mission of providing fast, reliable and simple web hosting solutions at affordable prices. Till date, MilesWeb has done well in terms of catering to the ever growing online business needs. MilesWeb offers with a wide range of hosting platforms like domain name hosting, shared hosting, VPS hosting, reseller hosting, dedicated server hosting, eCommerce hosting, CMS hosting etc. If a website owner is looking for a customized web hosting solution, then he / she can surely find it on MilesWeb. Web hosting packages are provided at multiple locations like UK, USA, India and Romania; website owners can choose their preferred location.

The strongest asset of MilesWeb is its staff. MilesWeb team comprises of experienced and qualified professionals who are fully competent for providing with the most suitable website hosting solutions. MilesWeb provides hosting services to people with all skill levels. Standard and custom made hosting solutions are offered for all types of websites and businesses. The best thing about MilesWeb is that it constantly keeps improvising on the hosting platforms for adding new features to the existing hosting platforms. Round the clock technical support is offered that ensures that your hosting issues are taken care of within time.

Why Should You Consider MilesWeb Hosting Platforms?

There are two crucial reasons why you should consider MilesWeb hosting platforms, they are mentioned below:

Hosting Package

You get the best features with any of the hosting packages. There are attractive addons as well to choose from. By signing up for any of the MilesWeb hosting packages, you get a complete hosting solution for your website.

Sped And Support

A lot of customers are satisfied with the speed and support provided by MilesWeb. MilesWeb makes sure that the best quality is offered to all its customers and they have the power to prevent the overloading of the servers. At present, the web hosting market has become huge and there are many web hosting companies that provide with the best services and uptime guarantee. However, you can count on MilesWeb for the best web hosting solution and stable servers.

This is the era where every web hosting company offers with a round the clock technical and customer support. Along with offering a profound customer support MilesWeb also assigns a dedicated account manager who is the sole point of contact for any web hosting customer. The support services offered by MilesWeb are highly responsive and in case of any issue, you can contact the MilesWeb representatives at any time.

Affordable Prices And Easy Upgrades

It is imperative that MilesWeb is striving hard to be the best in the highly competitive web hosting industry. Although MilesWeb does not offer bulk discounts at this point of time, they are doing their best for providing web hosting services at reasonable prices. As the time goes, there might be changes in your website requirements and you might need higher resources for ensuring the smooth functioning of the website; people at MilesWeb are well aware of this fact. The upgrade process at MilesWeb for all the accounts is extremely easy and is done within minutes. Moreover, the upgrade process does not result in any kind of downtime.

Ease Of Use

MilesWeb is a complete pleasure to work with. You will find that the interface of every control panel offered is user-friendly and logical. It is seamless and easy to navigate. MilesWeb simplifies the web hosting platform for you in order to improve the overall hosting experience.


MilesWeb : A Trustworthy Web Host!

You can count on MilesWeb for the perfect web hosting solution and for receiving round the clock hosting services. MilesWeb is the promising future of the web hosting industry that is fully capable of providing the best when it comes to web hosting. MilesWeb is a web hosting company that is extremely confident about its product offerings and service quality.

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