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Having been around for more than a decade, Netfirms has proven countless times that they are an excellent choice when it comes to finding a reliable hosting company for long term projects. On one hand, the company from upstate New York offers hosting packages including all the features necessary for one to create sophisticated websites. On the other hand, Netfirms provides its clients not only with quality hosting, but also offers extensive customer care for those who unexpectedly run into problems. Similarly, it should be noted that the company features a variety of different plans, catering even for the most demanding customers. Considering that entry level packages start at just $6.27, Netfirms provides excellent value for a fair price and can rightfully be considered an outstanding choice as far as finding a place to set up a homepage is concerned.


Unlike other competitors, Netfirms does not belief in the commonly applied ‘one size fits all’ approach. Instead, the company from Buffalo offers a wide range of different packages, addressing individual needs as well as distinct budgets. However, it should be pointed out that even the entry level plan will satisfy the needs of the vast majority of web developers out there. More specifically, customers receive 10 GB of disk space and no less than 500 GB of monthly traffic. Considering that even medium sized e-commerce projects do not exceed these numbers, it can safely be assumed that most potential clients will not have to upgrade to a more expensive plan anytime soon.

Likewise, Netfirms webspace does not only come with all common standard features, but does even go beyond that point. Supporting PHP, CGI-BIN, SSI, Python, Ruby as well as cron jobs and custom error pages, there is hardly anything missing from Netfirms technological back-end. Moreover, every customer gets a MySQL database as part of the hosting package and comfortable access to the database via PhpMyAdmin. Furthermore, clients will receive 10 e-mail accounts accessible through POP3 and webmail. Needless to say that Netfirms allows their users to benefit from enhanced e-mail functionality featuring spam filters, custom mx records, e-mail forwarding and autoresponders. That said, the company does not only focus on the needs of experienced webmasters, but provides newcomers with a boatload of tools making the creation of a basic website a walk in the park. Through the included site builder anyone can set up a homepage in a matter of minutes and subsequently add a number of sophisticated features by using pre-installed scripts and plugins covering a wide area of web 2.0 functionality. More precisely, clients are welcome to use content management systems like Joomla to organize their content as well as adding bulletin boards, hit counters, form mailers or photo galleries. Additionally, one can enjoy the opportunity to engage in e-commerce activities by enabling relevant plugins such as the Zen shopping cart system.


Considering the vast amount of features and gimmicks, one might be intrigued to think that such an encompassing package could hardly be affordable for someone on a tight budget. Wrong! Starting at no more than just $6.27 one can setup anything from a personal blog to an elaborate online marketing project with Netfirms’ hosting packages. As the scope of a given website grows, clients do always have the opportunity to upgrade to a larger hosting package to address their changing needs. Those who choose not to share server resources might also be interested in one of the VPS packages which provide an excellent starting platform for any larger enterprise.


While there is no doubt that Netfirms product is excellent value for a more than reasonable price, the company’s support does not end there. In case one is not fully convinced by Netfirms’ approach to web hosting he is welcome to use the 30 day money-back guarantee and try his luck somewhere else. Likewise, the company helps users new to web development with various video tutorials as well as an online knowledgebase as starting point for further research. Similarly, clients are welcome to contact Netfirms’ customer care representatives if they face any problems. Whether through phone, e-mail or online chat, the company provides their customers with live support 24 hours a day!


Whether you’re an individual, a startup business, or a growing company, NetFirms has a web hosting solution for you.
  • 10 GB disk space
  • 500 GB monthly transfer
  • Free e-Commerce Tools
  • 10 eMail Accounts
  • Award winning customer service
  • 99.9% uptime guarantee
  • State of the art Data Center
  • 30 day money back guarantee

NetFirms is Currently Powering over 1,200,000 websites worldwide.

Price: $6.27/mon. Visit for details.


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