Nine Ways Free Web Hosting Kills Your Online Business

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Free web hosting is a very tempting proposition to those who are working on a bootstrap budget. Unfortunately, free web hosting isn’t as functional as paid web hosting plans, although it still allows users to have an online presence. With free web hosting, users don’t need to pay for anything and users can easily create a sub-domain. These services can be very tempting, but like many things in the Internet, freebies are not always the best. With free hosting, you may end up spending more than anticipated. Compared to paid hosting service, free hosting has numerous obvious limitations. If you’re looking for a free web hosting service it is very important read user reviews to limit negative implications. Despite its significant benefits, you should know why free web hosting can be disastrous to your online business:

1. Unwanted ads
It’s quite understandable why free web hosting providers want to publish ads in your website. Web hosting service can be expensive to run and providers have all the legal rights to put up ads anywhere on your site, including pop-ads, huge square ads on your homepage and banner ads on your transaction pages. This situation is bothersome and can often scare your audience away. If you plan to publish your own ads and sell something, the provider can effectively dilute your online marketing effort with ads on competing products.

2. Limited disk space
Free web hosting services are mostly targeting those wanting to set up personal blogs or webmasters testing new web design techniques. Business owners would quickly find that they are running out of space too soon after they add a few dozens product descriptions.

3. No unique domain
With free web hosting accounts, you only get a subdomain, followed by the main domain name of the hosting services. This could cause a huge negative effect to your site ranking and eliminate your market differentiation.

4. No email account
A reliable and paid web hosting service will provide you not only a unique domain name, but also email accounts based on your domain name. Because free web hosting services don’t offer email accounts, many business owners switch to free email accounts, further damaging their credibility.

5. Limited bandwidth
Free web hosting services don’t think that users are running full-fledged online business using the limited resources. Personal blogs can survive with limited monthly bandwidth, but not your business. As your business grows, your bandwidth allocation may be sufficient only for a week’s worth of operational time.

6. No guaranteed uptime
It’s so simple; don’t expect to get a guaranteed uptime. Believing that your free website will be available 27/7 equals to trusting your provider a tad too much. Once your web host provider notices a spike in resource utilization in your account, expect your website to go down more than occasionally. Providers of free web hosting need to distribute their resources evenly to ensure steady performance across the network. They achieve this by taking specific measures, including disabling your website temporarily, under the guise of system maintenance. Because there’s no guaranteed uptime, no one will effectively respond to and follow up on your requests.

7. Sharing space with bad websites
Free web hosting services are spammers’ and scammers’ favorites. A reliable paid hosting provider will regularly check their network for dubious and spammy websites. Many potential consumers may notice that you are sharing domain name with spammers, which will badly affect your online credibility. This could even lead to penalizations by major search engines.

8. No Customer support
Customer support department is expensive to maintain and your free web hosting provider may decide that it is financially unsound to run one. If something goes really wrong and you need to fix some technical issues, no one will come to your rescue. Even if you finally obtain assistance, it will be late coming and you may already lose numerous valuable business opportunities.

9. No Upgrades
As time passes, all online platforms receive upgrades from developers. Upgrades bring feature, security and performance enhancements, as well as bug fixes. Unfortunately, latest versions of CMSs or other website platforms, often require more space, hardware resources and database interactions. These factors may discourage free web hosting providers from delivering appropriate upgrades to your account.

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