Top 10 Reseller Hosting Companies

Reseller Hosting

Today, the hosting industry offers numerous types of services and plans and everyone claims that they provide the best hosting quality for virtually every demand. It is now easy to find free, shared, dedicated and reseller web hosting.

Reseller hosting is basically a service offered by seller who previously bought a wholesale hosting package from other party (seller). Resellers often split their hosting plan into smaller chunks and price them accordingly to gain a sizeable amount of profit. Some hosting plans are sold at wholesale price by bigger company, which allows smaller companies and individuals to become resellers. In essence, it’s similar to leasing bandwidth and disk space. All resellers require both a good deal of skill and ambition to advance themselves on the web.

An important step for new entrepreneurs in the hosting industry is to purchase specialized computers (servers), networking equipments and other hardware along with finding competent and skilled individuals. Establishing your own hosting provider is always an attractive prospect as you can always treat it as a self-contained operation. Unfortunately, the set-up fees can be very steep and entirely out of reach for many startup hosting entrepreneurs. It is often considered as the primary reason why people opt for reselling business instead. If you have less-than-adequate technical capability and low financial outlay, applying for a loan to the bank for establishing a hosting company is generally a risky proposition.

Resellers can still function pretty much like full-blown hosting companies, without the need to endure all the financial and technical hassle of establishing a hosting company. A reseller is still the owner of a hosting company, which often enjoys more freedom than hosting companies that offer complete in-house solutions.

Often, resellers aim the medium- and low-end market where the hosting requirements are not too high. Their plans often have good values which can meet most requirements at reasonable price. Larger hosting providers tend to be a little less flexible and slow to respond to changes in hosting requirements, this is where resellers shine. Some resellers experience significant success due to their ability to create their plans in a more attractive way than what are offered by larger hosting companies.

There are, of course, some downsides of reseller hosting. Because resellers don’t necessarily own the server, support can be delayed sometimes as they are fully depended on the prime suppliers to deal with technical issues. A failure on the supplier side can cause disrupted service for all consumers and without doubt, causes a good deal of headache.
In some cases, customers may also cancel the decision to purchase a hosting plan if they know you’re a reseller. This is not a necessarily a serious disadvantage, as resellers can often create more attractive plans with better pricing scheme than major providers.

Resellers are pure adventurers in the hosting company, as they are less restricted in the business operation execution and have much bigger flexibility in shaping their businesses. For example, some resellers may specialize themselves in a relatively untapped niche, while avoiding saturated ones. To succeed in this market, the service provided by resellers must be of good quality. In order to gain more customers, resellers should also cleverly allocate their disk space and bandwidth into good plans that are attractively priced.

Resellers should also be in continuous communication with their prime resellers to solve new issues and achieve high customers’ satisfaction. Major suppliers offer easy-to-use control panels to help resellers choose and purchase packages, which include a wealth of information. A reseller account interface includes information on the remaining bandwidth and disk space quota available for sale. Many resellers also purchase additional features such as SSL, shopping carts and others to attract more buyers. Some resellers rent dedicated servers, so they can have more control in their business operation.

If you’re new to the hosting industry, reselling is by far the best option, due to lower risk and initial cost. HostGator is our choice of reseller company if you want to get started as they run their own datacenter, which means you are in direct contact with the people who physically have access to your data. Visit their website for more details.

Reseller Hosting, Is It Cost Effective?

Most webhosting businesses offer reseller accounts, allowing individuals or companies to purchase hosting space at wholesale and resell the space to other customers at retail prices. Additionally, establishing a reseller account can be an easy way to get a lot of hard disk space and bandwidth at an affordable price. Whether you’re intending to open a business as a website host, or whether you want to use all the space for your own online projects, this is an easy, affordable way to start a business on your own. Unfortunately, if you aren’t prepared for the realities of running your business as a business, you can also lose your investment.

Life as a Reseller
When you open as a business as a webhosting reseller, your customers do not automatically know whether you’re selling someone else’s space or your own. It’s up to you whether or not to tell them, but most people don’t. Everything is customizable, so your logo and business information can appear on the pages your clients see. These customizations are easy enough to set-up, as well, so you don’t have to worry about being too technically savvy.

Actual technical support for your customers is just as easy. Simply contact the support for your webhoster with their concerns, and pass on their solutions. The ease of running this business is reason number two why it’s so popular. (Number one? The small investment it takes to get started.)

Getting customers will take time, and advertising. Few people will open a reseller account and have customers that day. This has become a popular new business with lots of competition, so it’s important to plan for an aggressive marketing plan. Posting free articles, comments on blogs and the like will probably not be enough to get the business you need. Advertising on sites like Facebook, in Google’s ad network, and taking similar avenues will be more likely to succeed, but tweaking your ads for success may take some time.

An alternative to this, of course, is offering other services, like website design, and offering affordable hosting as an add-on. A reseller can price their webspace however they wish. You could give it away for free if you like as a way to promote your other business.

Life as a Multiple Website Owner
It isn’t hard to see how owners of multiple websites would save a great deal of money using a reseller account. For the same price of hosting four sites, they could host ten or more on a reseller account. The question is only whether you have enough projects to justify having a reseller account.

Website design is a curious business, where one site quickly leads to another and another down the line. Ideas can crop up like weeds. It takes someone with the passion for research to make them produce an income. You will need to learn quite a lot about writing (or where to get it), keyword analyzing, search engine optimization and advertising programs in order to make money with your websites.

There are a thousand and one ways to earn money online, and reselling hosting space and bandwidth is just one of them. If you have the tenacity and resources to get the word out about your project, or if you are already spending money hosting multiple sites of your own, reseller hosting could be cost effective for your business. If not? You may still succeed, but it would be a bigger gamble, and might take much longer to see a profit.

Working from home is still work, and running an online business takes business skills. No financial venture should be taken lightly, but reselling hosting is an opportunity with a good chance of success that requires little money to get started. If you are ready to learn the ins and outs of running a real business online, this may be the perfect way to begin.

Tips to Choose Reseller Hosting

If you are planning to save time and money while maintaining your multiple websites or you are an eager entrepreneur and want to make a name for yourself in web hosting, reseller web hosting is the term you should get yourself familiar with. This special type of web hosting allows a purchaser to further resell web hosting services or if he doesn’t have any business aspirations, he can use the bandwidth and space for his own business maintaining multiple websites on the internet etc.

With the explosion in number of web sites and web hosting service providers, the market is cluttered with almost similar service providers. In such clutter and chaos, it is very difficult to get the one reseller hosting service that is best for you. There are many service providers claiming to be the best, cheapest, fastest and latest, but the burden of choice is on you so you alone should decide which feature or combination of feature you desire the most. The choice is almost close to unlimited. Reseller hosting service providers are present throughout the world but their market is same and that is internet.

What you need to do is match your preferences with your actual requirements.

  • * Don’t search for the best, define the best

Don’t go for the best when all you require is an average solution. There is no doubt that you will be tempted to get the best available service, maximum bandwidth and speed for your money, but is that what your business needs. Separate yourself from the decision making equation and think from your business’s perspective. What is the bare minimum from a reseller hosting that the business needs and that will add to the business’s efficiency without adding any redundant cost? If you are choosing the best then it is a great possibility that you won’t be using much of the services for which you actually paid for.

  • * Look for customized options and tailoring

You can get a very decent idea about reseller hosting service provider’s service by the offerings they make. If they let you customize their resources and deliver the reseller hosting service as you have asked, you can be assured that they will keep this level of service. But if the offerings are rigid, believing that they will deliver some customization in the future, it will not be feasible.

  • * Form the perfect mix

Make a combination of services like bandwidth, speed, support, software etc. and then compare different reseller hosting services. You have to analyze and form the most efficient combination before committing to any service provider.

  • * Go through Reviews and comments

A very easy and time saving method is to go through different forums and blogs and read the reviews regarding different vendors. It is a great possibility that some of the reviews will be manipulated ones, as new and cunning ways of marketing keep on emerging, but at least you can build a general perception and idea about the services through these reviews.

Precaution is better than medicine, similarly, instead of regretting your choice for the years to come and endure ill effects of poor decision and lack of planning in choosing best reseller hosting, it is advisable to plan this important move and analyze your options as thoroughly as possible.