SEO Add-Ons for Firefox: The Best Six

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The increasing popularity of Firefox can be put down to the increasing number of plug-ins or extensions that programmers have created. These plug-ins can enhance Firefox by adding features that were not initially included in the browser. Because these Add Ons exceed a thousand, it is important to know the best Firefox Plug-Ins for SEO, Social Media and YouTube SEO .

With the increasing use of SEO optimized articles and the large possibility for earning money through the Net, many people prefer using Firefox because it remains quickerfor online surfing. It also allows multiple Plug-Insthat you can use for the purposes of SEO. Other benefits of plugins are as follows:

You can open an identical page which you are looking at in Internet Explorer.
You cancreate a desktop shortcut from a page address.
You can add bookmarks.
You can translate highlighted text in your page into another language.
You can reopen a closed tab.

Although there are tens of thousands of Firefox plugins, many are still run by the Mozilla foundation. You can get them by navigating to the page using the URL or by using your Firefox browser. From the TOOLS menu, choose EXTENSION. Thereafter, a fresh dialogue box will open. It has the list of plugins that are already installed. You will also find a link at the bottom right saying “GET MORE EXTENSIONS”.

Here are a few of the most useful Firefox plugins for SEO:

1. SearchStatus – Through this SEO toolbar plug-in, you are able to see Google PageRank, Compete Rank, mozRank, Alexa Rank and Google related links in addition to inbound links from Yahoo Site Explorer and Google.

2. SEOQuake – This plug-in is good for those who are always rushing things. This extension can help you check backlinks, PageRank, domain age and other statistics. It enables webmasters to deal with promotional websites and SEO.

3. SEO Toolbar ± This add-on has shortcuts to popular SEO tools, Keyword Research Tools, PPC Systems and domain tools, like Google Adwords keyword suggestion tool, Keyword Discovery, Alexa, Competitive Intelligence as well as SEO Toolkit and more.

4. The KeywordSpy SEO/PPC -This plug-in helps advertisers, webmasters and SEO analysts to do their SEo as well as PPC research.

5. Foxy SEO Tool – This is a free plug-in which offers several search engine functions like Google Site, Live FromLinks and Yahoo! Site Explorer. This plug-in can help you get web traffic analysis and check sites via directories.

6. KGen – This plug-in also helps webmasters keep up with the word content as well as the average amount. It also helps with quality and statistics. It also helps you see the keyword strategy of your competitors.

There are several other Firefox plugins you can choose from. Depending on your needs, choosing from the best Firefox plugins for SEO can help you on your way to Internet marketing success.

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