Speed Does Matter When Customers are Involved

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If you ask most small business owners what their top goal is when it comes to satisfying customers, some may say service, some may say products, while others may say price. For those who answer attention to detail, especially making sure customers get their products and services in a speedy manner, they are definitely onto something.

In a day and age when customers want to be waited on yesterday and not today, speed does matter.

So how can you the small business owner deliver speed to your customers’ needs when helping them via the Internet?

One of the best ways is to make sure you have a fast T1 internet connection.

With a fast T1 internet connection, you can make sure that you are up to date on customer purchases, customer questions, and customer issues and complaints.

In order to find the best T1 connection for your small business, you need to:

* Look for reliability – Given that T1 lines generally are known to provide a solid uptime, make sure the provider you go with offers second-to-none service. If your line goes down, you can’t take long hours and even days to repair it, meantime watching customers lose faith in your business. Find a provider that has a track record of good customer service, something that can often be done through a little research like referrals, along with checking they do not have a history of bad reports with the Better Business Bureau (BBB);

* Know your requirements – Prior to searching for the best and fastest T1 line, make sure you know what your business needs. Knowing your company’s bandwith is important, not to mention if you are planning for growth down the road. In the event you require more than the typical full Internet T1 line, think about going with a bonded T1 line. Such a line provides the ability to bond numerous T1 lines via a sole pipe for a greater amount of T1 bandwith;

* Understand the pricing – Given your budget plays top priority, know what T1 pricing will likely cost you. It is not unheard of for T1 lines to go for more than $1,000 a month, especially in cases where the locale of the installation needs a sizable loop to tie to the network of your area phone company on to the network of the T1 provider. If you are in a sizable metropolitan area, you are less likely to run into this matter;

* Contract terms – Finally, make sure you understand any contracts that you will be signing. In many instances, you will find a bigger expense on a per month basis when going with a one-year deal than you would for one lasting several years.

Dialed-In to Saving Money in 2013?

Speaking of saving money, does your small look at 2013 as to accomplish just that?

If so, VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) is a great means by which to efficiently treat customers, all the while saving money on your office phone expenses.

With business VoIP from Megapath, small business owners can see a number of benefits, some of which include:

1. Efficiency – Not only will your customers (especially for businesses with a customer service call center) see the speed and attention to detail that your company operates with, but your employees will too. Business VoIP allows your small business to get to calls faster, with more precision, and save you money all at the same time;

2. Savings – With business VoIP, your company saves money over the long run on phone calls, especially those long distance calls. You end up consolidating your data and voice onto one network, along with having simplified management and maintenance for the network, not to mention the phone system;

3. Ability to grow – Given that many small business owners hope to grow over time, VoIP can help you do just that. A large percentage of VoIP phone systems are software-based, meaning they can grow even in the event system capacity is spent. Business owners can put in added phone lines, extensions, and other features;

4. Keep employees connected – One of the different challenges for many business owners is keeping connected to all their employees, be they telecommuting or traveling for work. VoIP allows for companies to connect everyone, be it through teleconferences in the office locale or outside. With VoIP, your employees are never truly that far away.

With 2013 right around the corner, will T1 lines and business VoIP be on your holiday wish list?

About the author: Sara Fletcher covers small business topics for various websites.

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