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There isn’t a person out there who isn’t tempted to get a new cell phone every time they see an advert. There’s just so much to choose from now and with the rapid rate of innovation in the cell phone industry, handsets become obsolete really quickly. So, what do you do with your previous phone when you’ve got a new one? Throwing them away is not only squandering of resources, it also ends up increasing the amount of hazardous electronic waste that the environment could do without. Top Dollar Mobile gives you another option, though. It’s like throwing away garbage gives you money. Who wouldn’t be up for that?

Why recycle your mobile?

Cell phones contribute to the electronic waste that is a hazard to the environment. Millions of people throw their phones away in a year and aggravate the e-waste situation. Mobile phones consist of some dangerous toxins including cadmium and lead. There are a lot of reusable components in every cell phone like the screens, speakers, batteries and memory. So yeah, throwing your phones with last month’s sushi take out boxes isn’t only a risk to the surroundings, it is also a waste of resources. There are other alternatives that companies like Top Dollar offer that would not only utilize resources no longer needed by you but will also pay you for it.

How it works?

Now that you’ve got adequate knowledge of the threats posed by mobile phone waste to the environment and you are hopefully convinced that Top Dollar Mobile offers you the ultimate solution to getting rid of your cell phone and getting paid for it in return, let’s get into the details of how it all works. Top Dollar is a prominent company that gives you the best price for your old cell phones or tablets that you were ready to throw away without a second thought. It’s quite a hassle-free process. Their site provides you with all the information you’ll need to do on how to sell your phone but here’s just a brief version of what that process entails.

The Process of selling your device

The first step to selling your device is to find out the right model. Their website guides you through the process and it’s quite easy to keep up with. If you’re already aware of the model you wish to sell, this process is a breeze for you then, as you’ll only have to give the model number. When you’ve done that, you’ll be shown the prices for which your model is presently being sold. If the price you see is reasonable, you can see further details since there are conditions that apply to prices like the condition of your set and whether it is working or not. Of course, there are also options for you to sell more than one phones or gadgets. Once you are satisfied with that, you can add your phone into the “basket” and then check out. Then you’ll register with Top Dollar and the best part is that they’ll send you a trade pack that’ll contain all the information on how you’ll send your mobile to them and you won’t have to spend a dime! So, it doesn’t waste your time or money and it gives you money in return for the phone you were going to discard.

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