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Although Web designers can choose many color schemes, many prefer blue and its shades compared to other colors. Blue is one of the strongest colors and it’s one of the most comforting available. It has been used prominently in many blogs and websites and because many clients prefer to use blue, they should have a good idea on how to incorporate it in their works. Many shades of blue promote benevolent sense in a website and they can make a wonderful centerpiece.

As people change between different colors shades, their emotions are likely to be affected. Shades of orange, yellow and red promote energy and vitality, which can’t be matched by others. On the other side of color spectrum, there are green, purple and blue. They are cooler colors and make a website design looks smoother. These colors are popular in Web design because they appeal a large number of audiences. Shades of blue offer positivity, security, strength, sophistication and leadership; many websites use strong them to provide a statement of their principles. Blue can also be combined with fancy jQuery effects and powerful imagery.

Along with emotions, people associate colors towards their personality and events in their lives. Some shades of blue pertain to heavenly and earthly bodies; we can compare them with glistening oceans or well-lit sky. Bubbles and clouds are good set of graphics that can be used in blue-dominated websites and they can entice visitors in some calming manner. Many environment-oriented organizations use shades of blue to make their websites look natural, but they are not the only ones.

Corporations want to establish trust with customers and they seek to establish it in an honest way. Drop shadows and bold lettering are some of the techniques they use. Facebook, the most popular social network uses blue on their website. In contrast with dark and bright lettering, blue feels more natural and add a sense of intimacy between users.

Mobile industry is a growing segment and there are more portable smart devices than ever before. Wireless Internet connections are easily found and it is a growing commodity in the industry. With mobile apps growing in popularity, it is easy to understand that many developers are switching to the mobile industry. Many of them create a small site for their products and it often has “purchase” or “download” links. Blue showcases heavily on many of these sites and it appears that blue used around and on buttons trigger higher clickthrough. This is also the reason why Google Play (previously Android Market) uses blue for its download button.

Whatever colors they use, web designers need to take a step back and review their work from higher perspectives. When a color dominates your design, you should recognize where inspirations are drawn and whether the color matches your objectives because it will appear on all pages of the website.

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