5 Things That Destroy Web Designers’ Creativity

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Professional website designers are creative individuals and excellent organizers. Before building a website, they plan how the design would look like and where elements should be placed. There are numerous planning and preparation tasks that need to be completed before the actual design and development phases start. This would allow you to make the whole project to run smoother and faster. Web designers should always learn to improve their creativity in order to make something unique. There are no definite ways to learn to be creative, but you can start by merging attractive web elements and add some text.

It is recommended to regularly visit others’ websites and learn from their creativity. You shouldn’t copy from a single website, instead analyze favorable characteristics used by multiple websites in your niche and find ways to integrate them in your own. There are many sources of free pictures and many of them can be obtained from Google Images.

Creative web designers should also know how to blend colors and you won’t go far with poorly blended website colors. If your website is supported financially by advertisement, they must blend well with the main content. Colors used by your ads and website don’t have to be similar, but they should blend well.

Many new web designers purchase an affordable web hosting plan as a medium to expand their skill and creativity.

Use the website to experiment with new development methods. Unfortunately, despite their best efforts, web designers often encounter obstacles that can throttle their creativity.

1. Financial Issues:

Lack of funds often affects the decision-making processes in web design projects and force people to choose lower-cost alternatives. Many designers regularly come up with excellent ideas, but lack of funds often makes the focus geared more toward choosing for more suitable alternatives. Minds of cash-strapped designers may be filled with anxieties, which prevent them to be more creative.

2. Stress:

Web designers can’t use the same idea over and over. They need to keep on inventing new ideas to impress their clients. They should always look for inspiration and visit design resources to keep themselves updated with latest design news. During their search for an inspiration, their minds are often stuffed with random colors and abstract designs, which make them all stressed out. It is necessary to release pressure from your mind as it only serves to dampen creativity. Define a regular rest period and choose a space where you can stop thinking about work for awhile.

3. Criticism:

Like in any creativity-influenced industry, the web design community is filled with feedback, criticism and comments. Some people are kind enough to point out mistakes in your work, but others always unleash harsh criticism without being constructive. Web designers devote significant amount of effort for their work and it is rather easy to get a bit too personal. Criticism can affect our self-esteem and we can be so upset that we discontinue work. Lack of confidence destroys motivation and creativity; which result in sub-par work results. Fear for failures can make graphic designs tasks feel more difficult to perform. New web designers should realize that even successful professionals had failed more than once. A sensible thing to do is to write down any criticism and make plan to improve your work. Criticism will eventually dies down after you accommodate them in your work.

4. Procrastination:

Deadlines must be fulfilled, but some web designers suffer from severe case of procrastination. The bad habit can delay work and “designer’s block” is typically blamed as the cause. Procrastination can make designers fall short on deadlines. Concentration may not be present when web designers are just too lazy to continue the job or simply being overconfident. Thought-process become longer and creativity can be stranded somewhere. Eventually, procrastinated designers end up rushing to complete their work, which causes them to deliver poor to substandard web design. The failure to meet agreed requirements can cause the termination of contract and long-term relationship.

5. Personal Issues:

Trivial issues may only cause slight annoyances at work, but serious ones can be very disruptive. Web designers are also ordinary people who can be seriously affected when they’re beset with personal issues, such as fight with spouse, no drive in life, difficult financial situations and others. Frustrated people can’t think creatively and thus suffer from reduced work performance. The only solution is to consult experts and solve these issues effectively. Lingering personal issues can stifle even the most brilliant minds. It is always difficult to ignore these internal disturbances, but things will certainly get worse if you can’t maintain professionalism and creativity. Professional web designers should strive to be a winner and with enough determination our creative force will eventually prevail.

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