5 Traffic Sources That Can Supplement or Even Replace Search Engines

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If you’re in the Internet marketing game and you have a website, you know how hard it can be to get traffic to it, especially in the beginning. Search engines are the first thing you try, and with good SEO chances are high that you will rank well, but if you’re in a very competitive niche, it can take some time and a lot of work for that to happen.

Fortunately, there are a lot of other great ways to get traffic to a blog (and by blog I mean website, too – the line between the two is very blurred), and you don’t have to wait for Google and Bing to finally let your site on the first page after a couple of months – you can start getting that traffic right now. Here are a few of the best sources of traffic besides search engines:

Social Networks

social network

Social networks like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn are perfect for getting traffic to a new site. They are growing at an exponential rate, the rules are not yet as clearly established as in SEO and the competition is still minimal – these are the perfect conditions for an Internet marketer and blog owner to get busy. You can create fan pages, get people to like them, create contests and even buy ads and paid tweets/posts – it’s much easier and faster to get traffic this way than by doing SEO, and a lot of times, the traffic converts really well, since these are real people we’re talking about.

Video Sites

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Video sharing sites are also a great way to get traffic to a site, although it may be harder than with social networks. Uploading a video and tagging it is easy, but knowing what to upload is a bit more difficult. As a rule, if you can make a good video about your blog’s niche, you’ll get views and people will go to your site through the link you posted in the description. Or you could go the other easy way and upload something funny or trendy (look up something on Google Trends) – these videos always popular, but the traffic is pretty low quality.


Forums have been around for quite a while now – as a matter of fact, they were around even before search engines! They’re definitely great choices for traffic sources, but you’ll have to put in a lot of work to get it. You need to find forums relevant to your site, and start posting good posts there, too. Then it’s a matter of writing enough of them and inserting some links in the signature and the posts themselves for people to click on.



eBooks are almost always written for profit or for free to increase the popularity of a blog or get more subscribers. But you can also use them for traffic! A good strategy would be to insert links to articles on your site that are related to the chapter at hand – if the reader is interested in more (and they are, since they’re reading the book!), he’ll click through and go to your site. You can upload the eBook to various sharing sites, post it on forums and offer it as a giveaway for other blog owners – if it’s good enough, people will even spread them word further themselves.

Email Lists

email lists

This one is for those who already have an email list and want to bring traffic to a new blog – instead of sending out a marketing letter or something on your usual topics, you can just send out a message saying “Hey, check out this blog, it’s pretty good and has some useful information, as well!”. A lot of people will do just that – after all, it doesn’t cost them anything and the information may interest them.

Search engines may have been the undisputable king when it came to bringing traffic to websites, but that’s not the case anymore. The emergence of social networks and other social sharing sites has brought up new ways of getting visitors, readers and customers, and not ranking or being banned from Google is not the death mark that it once was. You should definitely investigate the methods I listed above – they can be useful even if you already have enough traffic from search engines!

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