9 Annoying Things Clients Say To Web Designers

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Make It Pop

It has to be one of the most overused request clients say to Web designers. Apparently, they think that it is the appropriate way to ask for more emphasis on a specific Web design element, so that it has been considered as the official phrase among web design client. One big problem is, sometimes clients want to pop something that has almost no relevance with the main design theme. Clients who regularly say to their designers about something they need to pop, should at least offer some flexibility in how a goal should be achieved.

Let the creative juices flow

This could be one of the most ridiculous things a client can say to Web designers. It is as if expecting Web designers to begin secreting a strange liquid, while trying to turn dreary Helvetica into something incredibly unique.

Don’t be afraid to be creative

Web designers are creative individuals and advising them to be creative is like telling cab drivers that they shouldn’t be afraid to be drive. The assumption here is that the client gives a Web designer the permission to do something creative. Isn’t that what clients hire them for? In reality, even if clients forget to offer this nugget of wisdom, the Web designer won’t cease the flow of creative juice or won’t offer clients HTML pages converted directly from Microsoft Word documents.

Let’s take this to a new level

Feedback like this is perhaps as much as the fault of Web designers as it is their clients. Many Web designers become too emotionally attached to their works that they cringe at the slightest criticism and feel like they are being attacked personally. Perhaps clients notice this and they have to resort to a much nicer way when criticizing a bad design. When they don’t like the design, they may say “Hey, that’s looks great! Let’s take this to a new level”

For Web designers, the above statement feels empty and it is as if the client wants to play a guessing game. Clients should offer professional, honest and open feedback that effectively cuts to the core of the issue. If Web designers can’t take this, perhaps it is the time to find a more cooperative professional.

My project will give you great exposure

Many clients try to convince Web designers to give them a very low rate by telling them that the project can earn them some significant exposure and turn into an excellent portfolio piece. It is like telling a chef to give you some free food in exchange for telling your close friends that the food was nice.

Of course, some projects can give you a huge exposure but it is more often the client is simply being cheap.

My project will lead to more paid work

Once again, for Web designers, clients who say this are like roving zombies looking for some free lunches. As always, you can’t hire a good professional if you don’t have the money. If clients really stop and think about it, they will realize that Web designers are also ordinary people who try to put foods on the table and pay the mortgage.

Wait for my fax

Many brick and mortar businesses still rely heavily on older office equipments like a fax machine. Email is free, instant and reliable. You can convert signed documents using scanner or digital camera. Sending a document using the fax machine may look convenient, but documents in digital form can be sent repeatedly to many recipients; saving you a significant amount of time. Clients who have grasped the practicality of modern approaches understand why many Web designers don’t have fax machine.

Can you make it look like that website?

Web designers aren’t supposed to rip off others’ works. For many clients it may seem very easy; take the buttons, layout and color scheme, but use different text, images and logo. However, this strategy can be damaging in the long run and may result to some massive public relations headaches.

This shouldn’t take long

For some reason, clients often imagine that they’re fully qualified to make an accurate time estimate for how long a task would take to complete. For many years, experienced Web designers dread late night calls. They may inevitably lead to six more phone calls and five hours later the sun rises, wrapping up the start of a new day.

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