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In the present day scenario, major part of trade is dependent on internet. You may have many times taken the pleasure of online shopping but have you given a thought about how it happens? Just imagine that just the way you are shopping, many others may be using the same site for shopping. There might be a large amount of data being transferred at the very same time. How does the site manage it all? This is where the role of a server is highly appreciated by many.

If one takes a look at the common options for servers, one will come across:

  • Free servers
  • Shared servers
  • Dedicated servers

Free servers are basically the best options for those who are looking for something small scale and are governed by a very tight budget. Free servers are free of cost and best for local or a family website. One may find free services like email etc which are not the best for business and ecommerce. But one will have to bear up with the pop up and the banner ads which are pretty annoying. If your business is a very small one and is not eying on constant traffic, a free server would do the job.

Shared servers are common due to their economic affordability in the small business segments. As the name suggests, these servers are shared among various business entities. Though it has its own limitations, it is apt for business sites. But many times the heavy influx of traffic can prove to be too much as the server fails and can cripple the business. Other than this, limited storage space and limited speed too can be a bummer. So one should be wise and decide on the nature of the business before selecting this type of server.

The dedicated servers are the best for the business sites. If you are ready to come to the market heavily then this is the best thing for it. A dedicated server means that it is just for your business and is not shared among anybody else. This means that it is a permanent online address for your firm. These servers are much more efficient than the others. These are capable of high speed data transmission, so efficient and satisfying transactions are guaranteed each time. Loads of data is not at all a problem as it does not crash just because of heavy traffic online. Moreover such servers provide the site with ample amount of storage space. This enables one to transfer data and make a large number of sales without worrying about running out of space on drive.

So for the heavy seasonal sales of the holidays and festivals, these are the best. If you believe that your business is going good and can afford more than a cheap dedicated server, there are more options. Have your heard of the managed dedicated servers? These servers are professionally managed by a firm and guarantee that you get your targets if not better. They maintain the whole server and your business runs smoothly. If you feel that your company’s data source can manage the server then you can select the unmanaged version. A cheap dedicated server is the backbone of your online trade and so it is important to maintain it in the best shape.

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