Choosing The Best Logo Designer For Your New Website

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When developing a site for new online business, a well-designed logo is one of many things that you should prioritize. The logo should be scalable, memorable, describable and still effective in black and white. These criteria can be quite difficult to accomplish, which is why you may need to hire a professional logo designer instead of delegating the task to your current web designer. Unfortunately, choosing a good logo designer can be tricky and time-consuming.

With just a simple search on the Internet, you can find thousands of them online, but after a closer examination, you may find that only a few are worth the money. So, it’s important to choose the right person to design your corporate identity.

Before choosing a logo designer, you need to examine their past logos. You should prioritize on quality instead of quantity, what’s more important? A portfolio filled with 300 mediocre logos or 25 excellent ones? Good logo designers are very selective about which logos they should include in their portfolio. They are also often quite stubborn; they tend to insist on using certain design elements that they think the best. They should be able to present their reasoning well and provide you with what you need. The portfolio should also include a clear description for each logo; this will help you to gain an insight on how the designer really works.

Before you sign the contract, you should establish an open communication process, especially if the designer lives in a different time zone. The designer should allow numerous communication channels open. For example by phone, e-mail, webcam conference, IM and face to face if the designer lives near your location. If the designer is committed to his job, he may be willing to visit you, even if you live hundreds of miles away.

Many professional logo designers have testimonials on their website and make sure the testimonials include a name and website URL. Check the client website and see if the logo is used in the website. Fake testimonials are often easy to spot; usually they don’t include an URL. Who better to tell prospective clients about a designer than past clients?

It definitely goes without saying that online entrepreneurs want to get the best service after spending their hard-earned money. The logo designer should have a transparent design process and it is preferable that you can see the logo mock-up before the designer add a few elements to complete it. Good logos often take time to complete and a professional designer can’t just turn on the computer, choose a stock image, add your company name and send the file. Many designers need about 3-5 days to create a good quality logo, following receipt of the first down-payment. You should be wary of designers who promise a quick turnaround of less than 24 hours. That’s simply not possible. It’s quite rare to get a logo that works the first time; you should provide information that revolves around your product, target market, company’s philosophy and goals.

In general, next time you are looking for a reliable logo designer, you should think twice. Those who appear on the first page of search engine result may not always be the best designers you can get.

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