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In today’s highly competitive market, the implementation of a cloud based CRM to automate sales and business processes is an indispensable prerequisite of prosperity of a company. Moreover, in many businesses, which are conscious of the importance of a client-oriented approach and a well-defined organization of a sales process, cutting-edge cloud software turns into a main module of an enterprise’s information system. As a result, cloud based CRM like bpm’online becomes a shared IT environment, inside of which all the employees perform operations connected with closing the deals more effectively.

CRM programs are delivered by vendors both in a way of traditional packaged software and in a form of cloud solutions. In recent years cloud based CRM has gained much recognition and popularity among entrepreneurial businesses as this technology offers a variety of advantages:

  • When choosing bpm’online CRM, you get full functionality of groundbreaking cloud software during one day without a long period of installation and integration.
  • You save on upfront investments as you do not need to buy special hardware and software licenses.
  • You are not obligatory to hire a highly-trained specialist in the IT-sphere to maintain cloud based CRM.
  • All your data is kept on a provider’s servers in reliable information centers such as Innovative cloud based CRM is totally safe due to consolidation of computing resources, minimization of potential human errors and a strong access control. Bpm’online as a service provider is responsible for smooth running of the entire infrastructure of your business.
  • Your employees have a seamless access to your CRM from anywhere in the world. The only condition is to have a steady Internet.

Cloud based CRM – smart solution for marketing objectives

Innovative cloud based CRM presents a brilliant opportunity to handle a client database, segment it in an intelligent manner, build up individual strategies of sales and forecast their volume drawing on an assessment of chances of deals. Bpm’online is able to analyze current data, track actions on every contract and so forth.

Cloud software does not only arrange relations with clients but is essential for marketing as well. Cloud based CRM effectively arranges the work on products and service promotion via telemarketing, personalized emailing, events and so much more. The system is so powerful and multifunctional that it is able to keep records and plan negotiations with mass media and ad agencies on advertising placement and participation in marketing campaigns. It also analyzes promotional events in terms of expenses and profits.

Bpm’online makes it possible to arrange marketing researchers, form a system of discounts and personal offerings for targeted groups or most loyal customers, plan financial results with the help of a sales funnel and a deep analysis of reasons for rejections, deliver an immediate sales report in view of managers, periods, products and services. The cloud platform automatically evaluates efficiency of the staff performance that can be broke down into departments and individual results.


Сloud based CRM for service desk

Groundbreaking cloud based CRM is capable of monitoring the leads and controls their processing. Th e software handles reclamations and finds the best ways to increase loyalty of customers via different communication channels and social networks preferred by certain clients. The bpm’online IT solution administrates assignment of tasks with an automatic control over their accomplishment.

The technology organizes high-end customer service: registration of tickets and orders, accounting of contracts, scheduling of service and control over its processing. The solution provides an extended functionality for automation of business processes up to standards of ITIL/ITSM such as selection of goods and services for future cross-selling, contracts formation and harmonization of documents.

In addition, fine cloud based CRM analyzes clients and segments them in compliance with their profitability, tracks customers’ preferences, traces products and services promotion, looks for the most effective interaction channels and manages payments.

By integrating progressive bpm’online solution your business is set to boost sales as cloud based CRM is aimed to improve an average volume of a contract, increase the amount of won deals, enhance the total number of deals closed and reduce time of a customer journey.

A separate paragraph is devoted to innovations, which a temporary business environment constantly requires. Speed of information dissemination and new methods of customer relations force companies to respond to the required modifications as quick as possible. Only cloud based CRM solutions enable businesses to introduce necessary changes within the shortest period of time. In turn, advanced CRM solution ensures the future prosperity of your company.

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