Determining Whether A Web Designer Should Hire Other Web Designers

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Many web designers reach a point where they feel stagnant in their career. They work all night and day for less financial compensation than they had hoped for. Luckily, there are ways to improve their income potentials while keeping their sanity intact. Those who think that they can’t afford hiring someone; definitely should continue reading. Smart web designers use a number of time-saving techniques to earn extra money, while aiming on the most optimum career path.

Many freelancers are tempted to work hard every waking hour regardless of the fact that it might have a bad effect on their social life and sanity. For most of them, the reason is obvious: they are addicted to what they do. Mostly, the dominant factor in this addictive behavior is about making more money. Some web designers are not college-educated, but they know that the more tasks they take on, the more financial benefits they make. After killing themselves for a couple of years, they often begin to feel that it starts to get old. Not only are they are tired of missing out many interesting things in life, there is also a realization that there are only so many effective waking hours in a day. Before long, web designers hit their income ceiling and with the current method they are making as much as they possibly can. So what could happen when this stage comes? They have officially maxed out their potentials, despite the fact that they are far short of their goals and dreams. Fortunately, there is a solution and you don’t have to read many self-help books to find the answer.

The most obvious step is to let other professionals take on some of the burden. The concept is simple, if you have reached the limit of your working hours in a day, then you can earn more by hiring other web designers. Not too many designers have the admirable skill of increasing their workload beyond the norm and for the rest; the only way to increase man-hour is to hire some help. However, there are some important questions overworked web designers should consider before they proceed.

Is it Financially Feasible?

This is a critical question. To answer it, consider a typical agreement between two web designers; A and B. Web designer A is overloaded with jobs from clients and is considering to hire the less experienced web designer B, who needs some extra work. Web designer A offers B one of the ongoing projects and the client of the project has agreed to pay A $2000. Web designer A offers web designer B $1200 to complete the project. Web designer B gladly accepts the offer and looks forward to complete it soon.

It is easy to figure out that without web designer B, the web designer A would make $0 on the project because he is already overworked. Put simply, by hiring a freelance web designer, web designer A stands to benefit financially. If your condition is similar, there’s no way you can’t afford to hire a freelancer.

Will Hiring People Make an Unlimited Income Potential?

Many entrepreneurs have pondered the same question. If we can earn money with relative ease by hiring a freelancer, it surely means we can earn more by hiring two. How about ten? Why not hiring as many as freelance web designers we can find? This is the basic idea of people who establish a company. Businesspeople realize that they could earn more by being hiring a team of less experienced employees with the same skill set. Unfortunately, there is one possible issue with the fantasy of limitless income potentials through outsourcing: eventually you reach an end to the amount of works you can drum up. But if this isn’t an issue, there’s no stopping in hiring dozens of freelances.

Is it Really that Easy?

This is a lesson many entrepreneurs learned the hard way. Remember, you should only hire someone when you do need some extra hands, because you’re already overworked. But now consider that you have an added task of managing a group of people; that is you need to approve their work results and properly regulate the flow of cash in your small web design firm. Suddenly, you find yourself managing endless emails from employees and clients, taking on more phone calls, proofing work results, sending charges and performing all kind of administrative tasks. Many web designers find to their dismay that work is harder than before!

Many would-be managers don’t realize that they won’t be able to drink coffee and sit back while their underlings work; they need to manage! Hiring more than three freelancers can start to feel frustrating and tedious. In fact, many easily realize that they actually enjoy doing all the work themselves, even if it means they need to work for seven days in a week. We should realize that farming out more works to others doesn’t always earn us easy money. Of course, some would argue that it could be the right time to hire someone to work on the management and administration level.

Where Can I Hire Freelance Web Designer?

Fortunately, web designers are a tight-knit online group and often you can find someone to hire by browsing your friend list in social networks. Of course, not everyone have a large enough network and hiring someone random may turn into a nightmare. One thing holds true, “good helps are hard to find”. Remember that when you are hiring freelancers, you are stamping your name on any final product. If your hired designers continue to produce poor results, you may need to spend hours fixing them or you’ll risk tarnishing your good reputation because you deliver something sub-standard to the client.

Fortunately, you can find many places online to effectively establish and manage a team of freelance web designers. oDesk is one such site, it is a pool of worldwide talent. By simply posting a job, you can receive numerous responses from interested professionals. The site allows you to view each freelancer’s portfolio, test scores, rating, job history and more. As an individual works, he uploads 6 screenshots each hour, so it’s easier for client to track his progress. Many freelancers don’t like oDesk because it increases the competition, but instead of whining about something inevitable, they should adapt to the changing marketplace and use sites like it to increase income opportunities. When hiring a web designer, it is better to use legitimate sites instead of choosing crowd sourcing method.

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