Directory Submission And Web Site Design

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Directory submission is an essential element of designing a website that has often been ignored or simply overlooked. Many do not see the importance of having their websites listed in the directory. This could be due to ignorance or the preference of using the search engines. All in all, the directory submissions are very relevant and if used appropriately the website will have increased traffic.

The directory can be described as an information center of websites that are classified according to a certain format. It is very similar to the yellow pages that are used offline. It is very crucial for every website to be included in the directory as a means of marketing their services or products. Getting listed in the directory will have positive impact on your website as it could add to the sales turnover.

Note that there are very many online directories available but there are two that are very popular namely; Yahoo and DMOZ which belongs to Google and is entirely free. The directory of yahoo has a cost of $ 299. The trick behind directory listing is to ensure that you are placed in the correct category. For example a cat seller should not submit their website under car sales. It will definitely have no impact at all.

With time technology is growing daily and the directory listings are become a thing of the past with the introduction of the search engines. Note that the directory submissions have not been rendered completely useless as it still works well and accomplishes its goal. It is advisable to add on to the search engine ability of your website also as to increase more traffic.

Directory Submission Services: How do they work?

The directory submissions assure the clients of so many listings as they have an automated system and in a very fair and transparent way they are able to do the listing. For instance, if you have your website listed under car selling then with a simple press of the key your website will appear in all the car sale categories available on the directory. The automated system may end up being not as effective as one may think. It is advisable to locate relevant directories in a systematic manual way so as to ensure that your website is placed in the correct categories. Building a link may not be a necessary requirement in the process of directory listings.

The purpose of coming up with a web site is to attract people to it. The website may be rendered irrelevant if it is not known and thus directory submission is a pre requisite for all websites. For those web site owners who do not believe in directory submission they face the threat of loosing out.

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