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eMeeting is a powerful dating package with an affordable price tag and a lot of useful features. With eMeeting, users can create an attractive dating site and get features commonly used in Match.Com, without taking too much time working with complex codes. eMeeting is a highly automated platform and it comes with things you can find in an online dating website, such as private photos, photo galleries, video clips, instant messaging, Flash-based chat rooms among a host of other features. Although it offers nothing out of ordinary compared to other online dating platform, eMeeting allows you to set up an online dating site quickly.

eMeeting offers a number of ready made features, which can get you started. An eMeeting-based website allows different access levels and multiple administrators can manage the site simultaneously. To prevent unexpected data loss, eMeeting includes a database backup feature, which can keep the member data safe. It is possible to customize the platform by modifying the source code based on your requirements. eMeeting offers a feature-rich environment, but because many of the features can’t be disabled, some users may find it somewhat overwhelming. It is also unfortunate that, eMeeting doesn’t allow you to integrate a third-party platform, such as instant messaging and forums. eMeeting offers a number of free and paid templates. Each template comes with a preview and you can try it before deciding to download. On the downside, many of the templates seem to involve old coding methods and while they work, you’ll find that they are poorly customizable.

In an eMeeting-based website, usability meets logical standards perfectly. Website navigation is easy due to its user-friendly navigation. Users can get step-by-step installation instruction and you can get the platform running without getting a professional help. eMeeting has a colorful, clean and simplified design, while available styles and templates can help you target specific consumers. Unfortunately, making changes on the template is quite complicated.

If you experience issues when installing and using eMeeting, there are a number of ways to get support from eMeeting staff: phone call, MSN, AOL, Yahoo Messenger and email. To get faster reply, you should use phone call or instant messaging. You can also interact with other eMeeting users in a member-only forum.

Unfortunately, eMeeting is not a free platform; the most affordable option is to pay a monthly fee of $24.99 per month. A full license costs you about $200, which is quite steep. To get the eMeeting logo removed, you need to spend an additional fee of $140. If you want to be completely in control, you should shell out more than $800 to obtain the source code. When you purchase the basic license, the files are encoded and you’re only allowed to make changes on the template. It is recommended to try the monthly license first to get an idea how the platform works and whether it fits your requirements.

When looking for an eMeeting hosting, make sure it meets these minimal requirements
• Supported operating system: Windows, Unix or Linux
• PHP 5.0 or greater
• MySQL 5.0 or greater
• IonCube support
• Supported web server: Apache

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