Fantastico Hosting

In order your online business to succeed, it is necessary to use special tools that can help you keep in contact with clients, establish your online presence and market your brand. Fantastico is a popular tool that can allow you to perform these tasks easily.

Fantastico is one of features you’ll get from cPanel and it comes with many website platforms. It is convenient and can give users the opportunity to employ a variety of programs and scripts to add functionalities to the website instantly. Fantastico dramatically simplifies the installation process, allowing those with no programming experience whatsoever to accomplish so many things with a few click of mouse. Before Fantastico, people need to painstakingly type so many command lines to install a platform and it can only be performed by web hosting technicians. When you open Fantastico, there are about 50 platforms to choose, you should also make sure that the web host uses the latest version of Fantastico. These are types of website platforms you can get from Fantastico:

Blogs: They are one of the most versatile platforms you can use in your marketing arsenal. With Fantastico, you can choose Nucleus, b2Evolution or WordPress for your blogging platform. They are highly customizable and extensible, there are literally thousands of free themes and plugins available that can make your blog looks attractive and yet very sophisticated.

Content management system: CMS can make it easy to establish and manage an online community. Fantastico allows you to build a website based on Mambo, Drupal, Joomla, Siteframe or PHP-Nuke very easily. These platforms offers simple file sharing, news feeds and threaded comments. Whether it is a community forum or a blog, CMSs can help make your operation runs very smoothly.

Customer support: For buyers, your online business is as good as your customer service and their opinions are important to ensure your continuing success. Fantastico offers platform that can make customers support very easy to do. For example, you can install Crafty Syntax to offer a live chat system if you believe that your customers need real time assistances. Help Center Live is a comprehensive support center where people can get support tickets. Support Logic and osTicket are also ticket-based systems that automatically assign customers in waiting list to your customer support personnel.

Discussion boards: Although discussion boards are normally used to create an online community for non-profit purposes, you can still use it to support your online business, by allowing your customers to communicate with support staff and other customers. SMF and Invision Board are scalable, packed with great features and easy to use.

Shopping carts: If you want to sell your products or services online, shopping cart is simply a must. There are three useful platforms you can use, ZenCart, OS Commerce and CubeCart. These shopping carts are highly customizable, support multiple gateways and can help you sell thousands of items.

Mailing list: Although it is generally considered as a controversial marketing method, email campaign can be useful if performed carefully and properly. PHPlist can simplify your email marketing campaign dramatically. This PHP-based software supports multiple types of mailing lists and can keep your contacts organized.

Image galleries: These platforms can help you spruce up your website with colorful images, especially if you’re a photographer or artist. Coppermine and 4Images Gallery allow you to manage images and visitors to interact with them.

Other than platforms listed above, Fantastico has platforms with varying uses, for example PHP auction allows you to run eBay-like auctions, while WebCalendar helps you to keep up with your busy schedule.