Four Things to Ask to Avoid Web Hosting Scams

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You shouldn’t be the next hapless victim of another web hosting misleading ads or scam. There are two ways how bad web hosts scam their customers:

  • Making them buy something that they don’t want or don’t know cost extra.
  • Setting some traps with little technicalities to snare unsuspecting customers.

These are simple questions you should ask to a web host to avoid from being tricked:

  1. What is extra service that comes with the plan and should I pay extra for it?
  2. You should be aware that a premium service won’t be much beyond your plan. Many web hosts offer very attractive plans but charge expensive fees on premium services. If the plan you buy doesn’t include all the services you need, you may need to start looking elsewhere.

    Your plan should also include toll-free tech support line and ticketed email support. It is also preferable to have a chat support, although it is not a requirement.

  3. What about your money back guarantee?
  4. You should focus more on the answers that contain the word “whenever” or “anytime”.  This is an important question because web hosts with sub-par services or those that are designed to scam customers, won’t be able to offer such a guarantee. The unscrupulous scammers bet that eventually you’ll be caught in their carefully designed contractual trap, where you can’t easily escape.

    A guarantee that allows you to get your money back and leave at anytime is very risky for web hosts, because sales can slip through their fingers easily. However, if a web host is confident and honest about its service quality, there shouldn’t be too much concern for it. This contrasts with those that offer 30-day guarantee, as the service quality may drop significantly once the day passes.

    However, some web hosts may not pay you a full price for the anytime money-back guarantee. They will pay for any unused hosting time, not the full price you’ve paid. This offer could be coupled with a 30-day full price money-back guarantee.

  5. Do your plan have unlimited download/upload bandwidth and web space?
  6. The proper answer should be yes. Just like the money back guarantee, it also serves as a benchmark for quality service. Web hosts that are willing to include the most profitable and expensive feature in a plan, invariably also offer other features you will need. This question alone may also answer ten other questions.

  7. How much should I pay to transfer my domain to other web host?
  8. It should be less than $15. Bad hosts lace their services with hidden, exorbitant fees and this is one of their favorites. Why? Because if leaving them is very difficult, you’re effectively inside their trap

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