How Can you Better Engage your End User Online?

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If you are going to spend time and money on developing an online presence you want to make sure it’s worth it in the long run. This means that you need to meet your ultimate goal of engaging the end user. This can be difficult to do, given that we live in an age when distractions are everywhere. If you want to make sure that you keep people engaged you need to think carefully about the way you design and present your online presence.

We are going to take a look at three aspects of designing and presenting content that can be pivotal in helping you to engage people and make the investment of all that time and money worthwhile.

The F layout in web design

You may have heard of the F layout when it comes to designing websites. This design layout is to do with the way we read a website. When someone visits a website they tend to read left to right and top to bottom. This being the case, it makes sense to place any vital information as close to the top left hand side of the webpage as possible. If you do this the person reading the page should read this information first and at a point when they are still engaged. You are more likely to get your message across than if you place the information in a different area of the screen. Research has shown that the F layout rule still exists when someone is reading the content using a mobile device. You can see that this type of layout is well worth considering if you want to keep your end user engaged.

Creating online publications for your content

There may be times when you want to provide your end user with more information about your product or service. If you try to do this purely by using your website the site can become cluttered and confusing. This is not a good way of keeping people engaged. One of the best ways to present content like this is to create separate online publications which people can access from your website. The process is not complicated and need only take a few minutes; you can take a look at more information about this. The great thing about creating this type of publication is that it’s a glossy and informative document intended to impress the reader and keep them engaged with what you have to say.

Using video to get your message across

Often, if people are faced with a wall of text, they can be tempted to shut off. If you have some more technical aspects of your product or service that you need to explain to people you should consider using video. Many people will tend to engage more easily with a well-produced video than they will with a large amount of text. Using video can help make sure that you get your message across.

All of these considerations have their own merits. It’s certainly worth considering one or all of them if you want to make sure that your end user is engaged.

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