How Green Web Hosting Can Significantly Benefit Your Company?

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Green web hosting is an increasingly popular term in recent years. With all the worry about increasing energy costs, fossil fuel shortages, global warming and pollution, it’s no wonder that many web hosting companies are taking a major shift in stance to reduce carbon footprint. Giant data center facilities are huge power hog and they can use up electricity as much as a small town. A web hosting company often advertises its greenness as a strong advantage. One common way web hosts achieve its green reputation is through the purchase of RECs (renewable energy credits), which cover the production costs of renewable energy like sun, wind, hydro and geothermal. Green web hosts are also required to perform favorable activities such as annual trees planting, recycling and reducing energy utilization.

These are how green web hosts can benefit your business:

• Attract environmentally-sensitive customers: In web hosting industry there is a global movement for achieving carbon-neutral operations. When your website is hosted in a green web host, you can proudly display the green badge on your site. This could prove to be a significant strategic advantage in the long-term marketing as an increasing number of customers are looking for ways to achieve carbon-neutral operations. Websites hosted in carbon-neutral servers can prove to be a major selling point to environmentally-conscious customers.

• Lower bills: Besides obvious marketing benefits, you can also get financial benefits out of it. Not only it is a wise marketing decision; by choosing green hosting, your business could save a substantial amount of money by abiding to carbon-neutral and other green policies. With proper energy reduction choices, you can have much lower electricity bill. There are other financial benefits as well including lower garbage pickup bill.

• More solid web hosting solution: In general, green web hosts aren’t your average fly-by-night establishments. They are usually led by experienced and capable professionals. These people know how to offer feature-rich hosting plans that match users’ preferences and requirements. Many top ten web hosts also offer green hosting plans and they are highly active in various environmental movements. Green hosting business format requires more preparations and higher initial investments, which are rather unappealing for less-established web hosts.

Going green can bring multiple benefits for your companies, as you can gain loyal customers, save money and get an unbeatable hosting package. Consider services provided by green web hosts, if you haven’t gone green yet. There are certainly myths surrounding green hosting, such as poor performing servers and higher pricing. However, new advances in server technologies allow us to obtain excellent performance and clean operations at highly affordable rates.

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