How to Define Site Theme Using Target Audience Profiles?

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It is important to gather accurate site visitor profile and other target audience information. As a skilled web designer, you should be able to convert any information into a meaningful visual theme. You can use the information to accommodate the needs and preferences of the ideal visitor and make specific layout and design decisions specific to the site’s goals. Every detail about an ideal site visitor can significantly influence the decision on image usage, color, navigation, layout and texts. Target data is comparable to a web design guru who guides you in creating a proper site’s profile.

A thematic decision can be quite straightforward to make if you provide enough time to consider your options logically about what may appeal your target audience. Every experienced web designer would agree that color scheme, layout and navigation for an insurance company would be very different visually from that of an online store for baby products. Both sites conjure entirely different mental images into your visitors’ mind.

These are common examples of target audience profiles.

  • > Gender
  • > Age
  • > Annual income
  • > Interest

For example, your target market are males between 20 and 50 years old with an annual income range between $25,000 to $80,000 who are active and enjoy outdoor activities. These are common advices on the site design and layout:

  • > Keep the site navigation easy to use and simple
  • > As suggested by the average annual income, the writing tone should be at the level of high school.
  • > Use woodsy, bold colors like brown and hunter green contrasted with some neutral colors and white, with enough images of camping, sunsets, rivers and trees.

A web designer should be objective and never try to influence the site’s look and feel too much. The idea is to let the target audience profiles determine how the site should act before applying your own style and sense of order to it. After you can satisfy the expectation of the target audience, you may include your own preferred features and aesthetic styles. Nonetheless, some sites may need to be built outside the reach of your own preferences and it’s important to be flexible enough to construct a site with elements that you may not even like. Some clients have very specific requirements and unwavering goals that web developers must be able to cater to.

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