How to Effectively Drive Traffic to Your Blog?

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Do you need more traffic? There are several things you can try quickly, for example, by advertising your blog or improve your contents. These are several common sense tactics that can make your blog more successful:

Optimizing Marketing Effort

Here are some advertising and marketing tips that you can use to promote your blog:

*  Get a domain name. If you have not already do that, you should get a domain name that is unique to your blog. An easy to type, easy to remember domain name should be viewed as an important marketing and advertising asset. The easier it is to remember your blog, the more visitors you get.

*  Tell the whole world about your own blog. Let everyone know about the URL of your blog. Add your blog’s URL in the email signature, newsletter and business cards. If you have physical stores, make sure that the blog’s URL is included on any printed material, such as receipts and bags. You can create the buzz you need through this simple strategy.

You shouldn’t stop there. You can use plenty of traditional marketing techniques to widely publicize your blog. Try printing pens, bumper stickers and other gifts, distribute to business partners, friends and customers. Some bloggers have integrated products sales in the blog, thereby increasing the brand visibility and generate additional revenue.

*  Advertising. You can advertise continuously in newspapers, radio spots, magazines and other websites. But you don’t need to spend a huge amount of money for blog advertising alone. If you carefully choose your ads space, you can isolate the right target and identify your direction in the blogosphere. Reaching people when they are away from their computers can still be effective, because current mobile devices can open full-sized sites well

Some advertising services are designed only for blogs and can ensure that your ads will be published only on blogs, which can be seen by other bloggers and their visitors.

*  Maintain regular real-world gatherings. Invite your readers and other bloggers(s), to hang out, just to have a tasty meal and casual conversations in a local diner or coffee house. These events may help you to connect with many people with similar interests.  You could also try to arrange regular pay-as-you-go events, just negotiate a group rate at the venue and then ask participants to buy the tickets.

*  Participate in contests. You can register your blog in contests. Obviously, you should have a well-established blog too! It is recommended to spend at least about one year to build a solid flock of followers and a large amount of quality contents before submitting your blog to these type of competition. By winning an award, you can attract many more visitors to your blog and get continuous media attention!

Boost your Blog with Excellent Content

As you devise ways to generate enough buzz for your blog, you should also improve the overall quality of your blog by improving your posting techniques. These suggestions may give you some ideas.

*  Write about latest or controversial issues. It would seem like a nobrainer, but many blog owners forget about it. Pay attention to the daily news, and monitor issues and events that are of interest to your audience. When you find a particularly good one, create a detailed post or a series of shorter posts on the subject. You should aggregate all blog posts that are related to this topic and make summaries or opinion. Invite readers to give some comments and build a discussion.

*  Do not be afraid to be controversial or critical as long as you know that you can defend your opinion. Good blogs do not avoid confrontation, although you shouldn’t do it solely to create sensation. By publishing thought-provoking posts you can encourage people to comment more and probably you can get more inbound links from other bloggers.

*  Participate in forums and user groups. The Internet is full of bulletin boards, user groups and forums that discuss many topics. If you want to be seen as an expert, you should contribute significantly in popular forums, this method can also help you generate traffic to your blog. Be very careful not to act like a spammer or like someone who only wishes to advertise your blog in the forum. Your threads and replies should provide useful information and advices that contribute to the discussion.

*  Never try to be someone you are not. Like identifying yourself as being associated with a major corporation, because if your readers find out, you will experience a major setback.

*  Encourage guest blogging. Invite experienced bloggers and other influential people in the industry to make necessary improvements to your blog. It may be necessary to provide some interesting incentives for their assistance. Many bloggers gain more traffic by publicizing their guest-blogging gigs.  If you have a renowned guest blogger in the industry, you can offer a temporary exchange with other blog owners. You can also use this solution when your blogger needs to take a break from the blogging activity.  Be sure to discuss with the guest blogger about the best topics and writing style, also your requirement on the number of blog posts. If you want to edit the post, make sure you notify the guest blogger first.

*  Add images to your messages. Say it with pictures! A blog full of texts can be dull, even if the writing is brilliant. The addition of images, animation and other media can add the needed spice to your blog – and the audience will respond well to multimedia-rich blogs. However, use them reasonably, as some users may have slow Internet connections or can’t open Flash animation.

Asking for Help

You may have plenty of ideas in how promote the blog yourself, but remember that others may have good or even better ideas.

*  Employ this technique by getting employees and loyal readers to provide ideas about how to improve your blog.

You can also ask your employees to spread the words about the blog in their social circle. Your      employees have their own networks of friends family members and clients. Some employees may also have personal blogs that can be used to promote the corporate blog and provide         inbound links.

If you have produced stickers and other merchandises to support the advertising efforts, be sure to make these materials available to all employees. Your employees could distribute them at meetings with customers and clients.

*  Ask customers to promote your blog. The essential component in viral marketing is to get others to spread the message. What better group of people to promote your website than your loyal customers? Also ask whether they have personal or corporate blogs. Satisfied customers are the best supporters and the most effective evangelists for your business. Don’t forget to provide promotional material available for their use as well.  If you have stickers and other products to publicize your blog or your company, consider asking some of your customers to distribute them to family members, friends and colleagues.

Search for ideas! Clients, employees, other bloggers and friends members can have some wonderful ideas for improving your blog. Don’t forget to offer some rewards both to your employees and customers to keep the ideas flowing.

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