How to Enhance Your Chrome Browsing Experience

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Google Chrome is one of the most popular browsers worldwide. However, if you’ve been browsing for quite a while using it, you’ll notice that it can run slow sometimes. This is due to the features and extensions you’ve installed. You also need to keep it clean from unnecessary data. Here are some things you can do to help you enhance your Chrome browsing experience.

Prioritize your Privacy and Security

You can do this by using a VPN (Virtual Private Network). A VPN allows you to connect to the web through a server that’s run by a VPN provider. All data that travels between your VPN server and the computer is securely encrypted. However, auto-play videos and pop-up ads can still slow you. So, feel free to check out this list of the best chrome ad blockers.

Disable Unnecessary Plugins

Plugins, just like extensions, give additional functionalities to the browser. You might have installed plugins from previous websites you’ve visited, and you may no longer need them. It’s best to check for unnecessary plugins as they often slow down your browser as well as clog your browser’s memory and network resources.

Enable Resource Pre-fetcher

Resource pre-fetcher or pre-loader offers intelligent suggestions about links or pages you’re most likely to open. Its pre-loader functionality loads those pages in the background before you even open them. This means that when you open the pages, they will be ready to go. Enable the pre-fetch feature by going to Options, then Settings. Click Show Advanced Settings and tick the “Pre-fetch resources to load pages more quickly” checkbox.

Save Data

You can find plenty of Chrome extensions in the Chrome Web Store. But one of the first extensions you should get is the Chrome Data Saver. This extension can positively speed up Chrome’s browsing performance by compressing sites that are not operated via private connection (HTTPS).

Use the Incognito Window

If you haven’t used Chrome’s incognito feature, you have to start using it now. Incognito allows you to privately browse in stealth mode. This means that the pages or files you access aren’t recorded. Everything you access won’t be saved under Chrome’s browsing history, and your browser won’t pick up any cookies. Going incognito is best done if you don’t want certain sites’ cookies to be stored in your browser’s memory. It’s also best to use the feature when you’re browsing the web using a public computer. Press Ctrl+Shift+N to open the incognito window.

Keep Google Chrome Up to Date

Every six weeks, Chrome delivers major updates for speed and performance improvements. While Chrome updates automatically in the background, you may want to install the latest updates yourself. Do this by going to Settings, and then Help. Click ‘About Chrome’, and you’ll be able to check the latest version. You’ll get a prompt to install the latest version if you’re not yet using the latest one.


There will always be tweaks you can make to enhance your browsing experience with Chrome. You might have seen many tips and tricks from Google or from other developers. These Chrome hacks are sure to improve your browser’s performance.

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