How to Keep People Interested With Your Future Product Using Effective Teaser Pages?

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If you had designed teaser pages for your clients, you may have an idea what makes for an adequate teaser page. Online stores often put up “coming soon” page, weeks before they launch a product. In general, teaser pages should score high on:

  • Desirability
  • Memorability
  • Data collection
  • Virality

Many successful teaser pages only focus on two or three elements; however you can make nearly perfect teasers by hitting all four.

Why do you need teaser pages? Although owners of online business tend to put out a teaser page for anything these days, you should take a step back and consider why you need a teaser page. After all, making one takes time and effort, some people would argue that the effort should be diverted on the products themselves.

However, a good teaser page can go a long way in making a successful product launch. You should raise awareness before a product is showcased and available for sale in your website. People are more likely to buy the product if they already familiar with it. A successful online business should rely more on a climate of anticipation by making potential buyers to look forward to the day the product is launched. People always search for the next big thing and you should use it to your advantage.

Motivation may not be as obvious as other factors, but it’s still important. It is easy to lose motivation if you have no guarantee of success and increasingly doubting yourself when you are working hard on something. This situation often leads us to foolishly abandon an otherwise promising project. Raising awareness weeks or months before a launch can combat the motivational problem, because, people are expecting something from you and you’ll hate to let them down. By using teaser pages, you may slowly build an actual demand for the product, which can help you to silence any gnawing doubt. In this context, teasers can have internal benefits for the company and is also a vital part in online marketing strategy.

These are a few strategies in creating irresistible teaser pages

Create a strong identity

One important characteristic of highly successful teaser pages is memorability. People often achieve this by establishing a strong brand, all attributes that consumers associate with a product, including style, colors, logo and many others. Once the product is launched, things could a little different from the teasers, so by establishing a strong brand, it is easier to maintain continuity. If you have an online store, it’s important to immediately combine strong color scheme and attractive logo to establish a memorable brand’s identity.

Use gimmick

Gimmick can easily trump over branding, it should be something that is unexpected and previously unseen. Some websites managed to go viral in the Internet by employing tricks like CSS parallax effects. Animations can be used as attractive gimmicks and people can create animations with CSS animations and CSS transitions. Although, animations can get frustrating and overwhelming in “real” webpages, they are appropriate when used in small doses on teaser pages. You may also use vertical scrolling movements to tell users a story, it doesn’t unfold information right away like animations do, but scrolling is useful if you want to provide more information about a future product to consumers. Storytelling technique with vertical scrolling can help people to sense the product in a linear and logical way. Often, you can hook people more effectively with a linear story than disjointed facts.

Employ the power of social circles

An effective technique is to integrate social networking capability in the teaser page. The page should provide an easy way to distribute the news on social networking and social bookmarking services. Simple “Like” and “Tweet” buttons can encourage readers to spread the words.

Make people desire your products

Unfortunately, no matter how attractive your viral trick is, it doesn’t guarantee that people will actually share your teasers to others. In short, people don’t see any incentive in sharing your teaser page. This is the most likely reason why some teasers fail; they simply don’t encourage people to share. Your first option is to come out and say what the upcoming product can do. Write some killer copy, post a short video and show shortcuts. Although you can only put a limited amount of information in teaser pages, you can still make people care. If your teaser is interesting, people will assume that your product will be too.

Give something back

A very effective way to encourage people to share your teasers is to give something in return. Some online store offer website credits if users can invite others to pre-order a future product. However, you can attract people without using money. Other attractive deals are free icons, free themes or even the product itself. One good thing about this strategy is you don’t have to spend anything on marketing effort until the product is launched and you start selling something.

Collect data

Even if your teasers has gone viral and are highly successful, your task is not over yet. You should determine how to convert visitors into buyers. At least, you should collect their names and email addresses. You can user online services such as Campaign Monitor and MailChimp to manage the list of people. Both services also provide a template of simple form that you can use to gather data from users. You may also use specialized service, such as Prefinery, which can streamline the pre-launch process and take care of everything starting from user data collection to product release management. You can also set up a poll on the teaser page using KISSinsights or offer real time chat using Olark.

Teasers are just a small part of your online marketing campaign and you should also set up a Facebook page, special Twitter account for the product, blog and others. Teaser pages are just a one-way medium and people can’t leave comments, Two-way and interactive marketing channels are important because you can get feedback to improve your product and concepts, it also allows you to refine and optimize your target market better.

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