How to Make an Effective Website By Implementing Chess Principles? (Part 1/2)

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Website development is one of constant adaptation and change. The way people develop websites is usually based on commonly accepted principles and their own experience. In light of this, web developers can draw some parallels between development process and principles of the most popular board game, the chess.

Surprisingly, there are many relationships between the Web industry and the board game. Most people know how chess works and the game is played by almost everyone, including many web developers. It seems fitting to look for the relationship between the everlasting elegance of chess and the sophistication of digital age. Certain chess principles could help you lead a more successful website development project.

How to think and act like a pawn?

They are the most abundant and expendable pieces on a chessboard. They act as front-line soldiers and have the honor to advance across the battlefield to engage and pin down opponent’s pieces. Pawn can potentially be promoted to the most powerful piece on the chessboard (queen) in a special circumstance, while this happens rarely; pawns still play a significant role in protecting more valuable pieces from attack. Pawns are also typically used to quickly hold critical locations in the middle of a chessboard. These are a few lessons you can gain from a pawn:

Always march forward:

Pawns can’t move backward and they can “charge” forward by leaping two spaces simultaneously in the first move. In a web development project, people should always move forward without backtracking. Progress is essential in any website development project. By failing to constantly drive your ideas forward, you can risk stagnation.

These are other mindsets you can learn from pawns’ insistence to move only forward:

  • *Don’t dwell too long on deprecated practices when working with codes
  • *Check for latest progress in your community
  • *Make improvements on website only if it would benefit your users.

Be ready to sacrifice

Just like pawns, you should let go of something in exchange for a greater good. Your website should shield users from unexpected issues. Having to give up something, may feel like a bad thing at first, but it could mean a huge difference between failure and success. You should:

  • *Place reliable security features that can protect users
  • *Weigh the benefits of exchanging current web elements with better ones
  • *Prioritize contents, because they are always more valuable than other web elements. Don’t dilute informational values merely for eye candy.

Be ready for an ultimate change

For pawns, their greatest moment arrives when they can reach the opponent’s squares, which allows them to be promoted as queen. Aiming for goals and striving for betterment are habitual ideas upheld firmly by good web developers. This requires careful planning and dedication. When undertaking a creative process in the web development project, you should consider the long-term project and think beyond the current situation.

Based on this principle, you should:

  • *Understand that the website development process is never finished, you need to steadily update your website
  • *Look for ways to enhance your website to better cater users’ changing demands
  • *Compose a business plan that can help you scope out a Web development project

How to think and act like rooks?

Rook, or castles as some call them, are the bastions of strength that can move forcefully across the chessboard either vertically or horizontally. Although rooks are not as agile as other pieces, they are often used to secure the flanks and their interactions with friendly pieces are often essential. Rooks’ overall characteristic is longevity and stamina. In a web development project, we should put strong foundations for your project and maintain a healthy interaction between team members. Following recognized patterns in order to work with a website adequately is reminiscent of the way that rooks have, because it carries out unique tasks and has a particular function. Only with logical thoughts, you can hope to avoid obstruction and achieve objectives.

Build with purpose

Rooks represent structure and strength. These fortresses of stone might be restricted in their dexterity; however, you should value their character. Websites should be constructed firmly in order to survive the changing demands and challenges of everyday use. Consider how such demands should be achieved to ensure a durable and sturdy display of information. You should take great care when working with your website to reduce design, structural or code errors that can weaken your site. These are a few ways to strengthen your website:

  • *Keep code your minimal and simple to reduce loading time and file size
  • *Use the right elements for the job when improving semantic values of your code
  • *To make your code more reliable and reduce bugs, always validate your code

Be assistive

When attacking or defending across the chessboard, rooks should always be on hand to support other pieces. Although rooks often don’t have direct involvement in an offensive, it should work with others to accomplish common goals. In a Web development project, the same is true; you should assist those that need your service. You will increase value and gain gratitude from others, such colleagues and website visitors. Here are a few ways to be more helpful:

  • *Provide social interactions to help people feel more involved in your website.
  • *Many negative feedback are actually constructive and can make you better, you shouldn’t dismiss it as bashing
  • *To maintain trust, provide reliable ways for people to reach you.

Take precautions

Even if you have a carefully crafted plan, things may not go as planned. Rooks should be available to protect other pieces from a distant. When using rooks, caution is essential, because they are vulnerable to bishops, which can attack them diagonally. The loss of a rook can jeopardize the stability of your position.

You should think how future developments might challenge your plan, which can help proof your website from obvious flaws. You should prevent visitors from encountering obstacles that can prevent them from gaining benefits of your website. These are ways to build your website carefully:

  • *Test your websites on various equipments, especially on mobile devices.
  • *Turn off styles and scripts to see whether your website is still adequately usable without them.

How to think and act like knights?

They have the most unique movement pattern compared to other pieces. They move forward two squares and then side-step one square. To simulate the agility of real-world cavalry units, knights can’t be blocked and can move past other pieces. Strategically, knights are often used for surprise attack and to threaten hard-to-reach pieces. While their unique movements offer significant advantage, knights can’t replace the role of other friendly pieces.

As web professionals, we often take for granted our ability to apply our creative process to solve complex problems. When we forge websites, we are able to incorporate creative thoughts into them. Like knights, our unique ability can help us to side-step troubles that can complicate our work.

Be strong in adversity

Legends and stories have taught us the positive attributes of the knights: honor, strength and bravery. By implementing respectful qualities during a Web development process, you can have a stronger team, which has the stamina to fight its way through the competitive cyberspace. These are ways for Web professionals to be more knight-like:

  • *Try to rally support for important parts of the project, there is always strength in unity and numbers
  • *Don’t yield when facing competition, the only surefire way to fail is to quit trying
  • *Don’t take criticism personally because negative feedbacks can be very effective in making you improve significantly

Be smart

Unlike infantry units that move slowly, cavalry maneuvers involve more complex planning and movements. This attribute shows us the value of doing things smartly, which can help you to work more effectively and produce better results. These are ways to work more intelligently

  • *Try to be focused and don’t increase complexity unnecessarily
  • *Improve your existing services and make innovation regularly
  • *Try to be inspired by everything around you.

Tackle barriers

Knights are the only pieces that can move past others. Other than having the ability to handle obstacles in your web development project, you should also remove barriers that can decrease accessibility. You need to allow your visitors more access to content and provide freedom of movement by:

  • *Making sure your website works on various browsers and devices
  • *Asking diverse groups of people to evaluate the accessibility of your website
  • *Considering how people with disability can use your website

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