How to Properly Name Your Blog?

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The blog name is one of the most important components of any blog. For first-time visitors, the name opens up the door to the main subject of the blog, sums up your identity, and provides readers with important clues on what they should expect – before they read a post in your blog. The name of your blog can be more important than the design and the graphics, Modifying design and graphics are relatively easy, on the other hand, changing the name of your blog, years after the launch can cause a major setback. Often, blogroll is a way for many readers to visit your blog for the first time. Use a name that draws attention and increases the likelihood that readers will be compelled to view your blog.

Name is important and you should take enough time to choose a correct one. Create a blog name that encapsulates your strategy effectively. Follow these steps:

1. Brainstorming:

Here are some starting points to find perfect ideas:

  • Primary editorial topics
  • Puns
  • Famous Quotes
  • Nouns that represent your audience or objectives
  • Adjectives that create the right atmosphere

For example, if you create a blog on the low-cost travel, you can include phrases and words that evoke the thought about affordability, such as shoestring and penny pinchers.

Choose a format that works best for you, it’s a good idea to use mind-map diagram to come up with an interesting idea or phrase.  Using this diagram, you can start with the most important or central word(s) and add more words to define or refine its meaning. The diagram should show connections between these phrases.

This is not the only brainstorming technique. You can think visually and imagine the result you want achieve. Good imagery may lead to attractive and relevant words. By choosing an effective method, you can generate many ideas, phrases and words that resonate with your audience.

2. Use ideas from the above brainstorming session to create good blog slogan, a short sentence that expands your central word in a memorable way.

Some people believe that by creating a tagline first and then coming up with a name is a more effective method. For those who are lucky, the name simply jumps just off the page. If you do not have the knack of creating catchy names, you should start with creating a sentence that describes your main subject. This way, during a brainstorming session, it will be easier to create multiple possible names. You should start large and gradually limit the scope as you progress through the stages.

You may not need a tagline, but most bloggers seem to see that the tagline can help to clarify their subject and define reader expectations.  Other than to providing an inspiration for your blog, quotations can make good taglines.

3. Search on popular search engines for your target keywords and phrases to see what other people have used on their blog.

A competitive research should also be very useful here. You want an interesting, unique name that will not be confused with other blogs in the same field. The results of the search engine research can also give you an idea of what are the most popular terms in your segment, which you need to consider. You want a name that is easy to remember and it should also be related to popular keywords in search engine results.

4. Ask for opinions from people you know:

Ask your co-worker, colleagues, friends and even family members whether your name is relevant. Find out whether the name can define the correct expectation on their minds? What they expect to read in your blog? Their answers must match with your planned main topic. If their expectations don’t match your main subject, you should consider a better name. If you have imaginative and creative friends, ask for their opinions.

It is possible to get really stuck and find it difficult to come up with a good name that is both interesting and can evoke the right expectation among readers. If it happens to you put those names aside and return later. Hopefully, while you’re working with other components of your blog, you’ll get the inspiration. For example, inspiration may strike while you’re working with the introductory post.

Unfortunately, you won’t find a magic formula to come up with the right name. Your best bet is to combine words until you find a phrase that sticks. These are some additional advices:

  • Don’t rush it. It is worth it to spend as much time as you need when choosing a name for your blog.
  • Don’t try to be too cute. You will live with the name for years to come. It should have a neutral tone.
  • Make it brief. A blog name that is composed of less than four words tends to work better. Rather than using a long blog name, it is better to have a two-sentence tagline.
  • After you come up with a few candidates, try to draw an image based on those names. When choosing the final name, find the most interesting drawing that represents your main subject well.

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