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You must aim to get higher search engine placement, while using the keywords. The best search engines keep secret what are the algorithms; you must wisely use the keyword. If you want to understand better what the best ways to use a keyword are, there are some tips, which you will found to be useful:

In your title, you must use the keyword

Start your article with a powerful point, that way you will make your title better. You need significant knowledge and create your title to be considered catchy and at the same time interesting for the reader, use catchy phrases with a list of benefits, some instructions, which incorporate the keyword. If your initial keyword phrase is something like “mouse traps”, there are some choices available for you.

– Are Mouse Traps Making Your Home Unsanitary?

– What are the 10 best mouse traps?

– Crate your own mouse trap and save plenty of money.

You must create something interesting, using the keyword. You must then follow, what you have promised and give the reader deeper understanding of what is your topic about. If you do not satisfy the reader’s needs, you will harm your website rating a lot and your title will not generate any traffic, you will get a low page rank and you will lose money eventually.

Using heading and of course subheadings with the keyword.

That way, you will boost the power of your articles, without using the keyword artificially. Using smart headings which include the keyword phrase, you will boost the power of your topic without making it look artificial; the same thing is about when you use subheadings. Using proper headings in your article will help you a lot. I will show you some different examples of the keyword “mouse trap”

– Mouse Traps are the answer to Sanitation

– Mouse Traps: Get effective designs

– Materials used in mouse traps

You will find more information, especially if you want to become a pro on building great headings, at The headings should be more like the main points of your own article; the subheadings are the sub main points. You must use keyword naturally placed in the article. First, write your article like you do not care about your keyword. That way you will get the proper keyword density, which is helpful in the search engines.

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