How Web Designers Should Find Inspirations for Color Palettes?

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Color palette can make or break your design, it conveys emotion, sets tone and can even significantly affect usability. Choosing a color palette can be challenging, and as a web designer you are required to use the right colors. In web design, we often need to think outside the box when choosing the right colors for your projects.

Interior Designers

Interior designers are professionals with superb taste in colors. It is a difficult task to balance colors used in a room to make everything looks clean and pleasant as a single mistake can ruin the whole design. Search the Internet for high resolution images of rooms with outstanding interior design and use the picker tool to quickly build a great color palette for your Web design.

Fashion Designers

These people have a gift of putting colors together to design great outfits. Professional fashion designers are educated in colors, but they also highly intuitive on what works and what doesn’t.

When it comes to adopting colors from the fashion industry, you should take note of fashion collections with interesting colors. Well known fashion designers always use specific color palette in a release. Their works are source of great color palettes especially when you want to use something seasonal in your Web design project. Find a high resolution image of professionally designed clothing that interest you, use color picker tool in Adobe Photoshop to collect all colors used, often you can come up with colors that greatly match with one another. For new web designers, colors they extract from fashion works genuinely look a lot nicer than choosing colors randomly.

Famous Paintings

Painters are masters in colors; they didn’t use Photoshop to experiment with colors, which leaves little room for error. Many paintings, whether they have realism or abstract style, are great sources for color palettes.

Objects in Nature

God’s creations are inexhaustible sources for color palettes, what more beautiful and colorful than a vibrant field of flowers and a stunning sunset. But if you consider grabbing colors from these objects are not very original, you might need to borrow colors from works of professional photographers.

Good color palettes allow you cram all ideas into your mind, so you can come up with something unique. Colors are universal and from a single palette professionals can produce so many unique designs.

Colors are raw ingredients in Web design and no one really can claim an ownership of a specific color palette, although some companies tried to do that. What really matters is what you do with those colors and that what defines your originality. If color palettes are intellectual properties, McDonald may file a lawsuit against Sprint for blatantly ripping off colors from their distinctive logo, with yellow and black that contrast very well.

Copying a website layout is one thing, but you shouldn’t be afraid of grabbing a few colors from an image that interests you. Create a library of color palettes that can match specific occasions, seasons and moods. Colors are a subject that many Web designers struggle with; but often a short trip to Flickr can help to improve their skills. Web designers should take a look at many objects both on the Internet and the real worlds to find palettes that they consider to be really attractive.

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