Is a Cloud VPS the Best Budget Option for Big Websites?

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When it comes to web hosting, it can be a challenge to find the right hosting option for your site without breaking the bank or running into complicated hosting problems. Generally, there are four options to choose from when it comes to hosting: free hosting, shared hosting, cloud VPS hosting, and dedicated servers.


 The trouble with free hosting

 Free hosting is free, but it comes with a price that you won’t pay in dollars. The price of free hosting is simply that you do not get the options or server that you will get with paid service. Typically, it is only the smallest websites that benefit from free hosting. If you have any kind of business that you run, you may find that free options do not offer enough support or enough space to hold your business and keep your business website running at all times.

 Drawbacks of shared hosting

 Shared hosting is the next option- where you share your host with other websites. All of the information of each website is kept separate on the server, but the server size and processing power is shared. This means that after a time, you may find that you outgrown your shared server size. Most personal websites and some business websites can function on a shared server, but if you want your business and site to continue to grow, you will then need to expand your server options. Shared hosting is cheaper, but it also offers less support to customers, which can hurt your business in the end.

 The other option- dedicated servers

 A dedicated server is a server that is assigned to your business only. It is stored in a warehouse with other servers, but no other company or website is allowed to use your server. Companies offer both managed and unmanaged servers, depending on what you want to do. A managed server will keep up with server management for you, and is ideal for companies that do not want to use their own server management team.

The trouble with dedicated servers is that they can be quite expensive. Many businesses do not have the funds to spend that much money on web hosting. However, once your business outgrows other server options, it is a wise investment to purchase a dedicated server.

 The best of both worlds- Cloud VPS

 A cloud VPS server is like a dedicated server, but rather than being housed in a physical location, it is stored virtually online in cloud servers. Your server is still only used for your website, but since it does not require as much physical storage, it is much less expensive to operate and maintain. You can also find managed and unmanaged cloud servers.

Benefits of cloud VPS

Security: A cloud server is more secure than a land-based server because it is safer from natural disasters, power outages, and data loss. It is also harder to hack into a cloud server and steal data. If one server running your website goes down, your website is still up because the other servers are still active.

  • Easily managed: You can quickly change things about your hosting and serving power, such as how much space you want to use, how much traffic you want to handle, and how much data you want to store- all while your server is operational.
  • Cheaper: Virtual cloud storage is cheaper than complete dedicated servers because the data is bounced around from server to server, which is easier to retrieve and manage than something in a physical warehouse.

Using this data, you can easily find out what server level is right for you and determine the best hosting provider for your unique needs.


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