Is Linux Web Hosting Poorer than Windows because it is Cheaper?

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When you talk about, or hear discussions on popular hosting solutions there are two names that come up every time. These two names are Linux and Windows. As you may or may not be aware Linux is less expensive than Windows, however, why is this, and does this mean that Linux offers an inadequate web hosting package to Windows?

As with all of your purchasing decisions, you should use all the information to factor in the positives and negatives of every product. Price is always one of the main factors in your decision, because we all want to get the cheapest price, but this does not mean we should compromise on standard. Understanding the Linux web hosting system is essential to making sure that you can fully comprehend the advantages a Linux based web hosting system can have for your website.

The main difference between the two systems is that Windows hosting is run on a Windows web server, and Linux is run on a Linux web server. If you search around, then you will soon realise that Linux comes up cheaper than Windows.

Why Is Linux Cheaper?

One of the main reasons for the price difference is the brand name. Just like any other purchase if you buy a ‘brand’ name then you will pay more, and there are not many other companies on the mainstream market that have a bigger ‘brand’ name than Windows. On the other hand while Linux is becoming a much bigger name it is not as well known as Windows; therefore, it is cheaper.

When you look at the hard facts, you will be able to see that Linux web servers are more reliable than Windows servers. For Windows to stay on the same level with Linux, they have to employ and put thousands of man hours into their servers. To uphold these standards Windows requires money, money which has to be reclaimed from their sales. Linux is more reliable as a web host because the amount of software they are required to run is less. This means that Linux have to pay next to no fees for upkeep, which they can directly reflect in their price.

Windows can afford to charge more because it is compatible with almost anything, mostly due to their enormous market presence. Firstly, take a look at your operating system; the chances are it is Windows or Apple, not Linux; therefore, using a Windows web host on a Windows system is easier. Many companies will need to use a Windows web host server; therefore, Windows can afford to charge more. Businesses or developers that have a Linux based web host may find that a lot of their developments are more complicated than they would be if the used a Windows web host.

In conclusion, Linux is by no means poorer than a Windows web host, in fact, the evidence proves that it is potentially better depending on your circumstances, however, as Windows have gained a whopping market presence they can afford to charge more than Linux.

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